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If you need me, I’ll be in mommy jail January 31, 2008

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It’s no secret that me and the kitchen are not friends. As the saying above my stove says “I only have a kitchen because it came with the house”. My binder of take-out menus takes up more space than my cook books. Really, dialing a phone is sooooo much easier than cooking.

So last night Nash wants pizza. Feeling adventurous, instead of calling “the man” I decide to turn on the oven (shocking!) and make pizza with one of those pre-made crusts. I then decide to let him choose whatever he wants for toppings. I offer up soy pepperonis, bell peppers, ham & pineapple and meatballs (I’m working with I’ve got, ok??) . Seems he’s already made up his mind on something else. Fruit Loops. I’m not one to go back on my word and frankly, he eats cereal or pizza for dinner more than I care to admit. It was inevitable the two would meet. So here’s the result. I present to you, Nash’s Fruit Loop Pizza:

Fuit Loop Pizza
Maybe I can sell this idea to the Cardboard Pizza folks. It actually wasn’t bad. Not that I ate any………

Cue up the Journey January 30, 2008

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This post really requires that you cue up “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Don’t worry…..I’ll wait.

OK, I really am just a small town girl. I grew up in a town of 710 people. But I had big dreams (and big hair) and I chased them. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this week that small town girl became a Vice President at a company with more employees than the town the she grew up in. Forgive me for tooting my own horn, but really, I just had to. I feel like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. Go ahead now and cue up “Let The River Run” by Carly Simon…….

(Yeah, I cropped out the high-waisted pants. What’s it to you?? I’m a VP now, dammit. I can do what I want.)

The boy calls ’em like he sees ’em January 29, 2008

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Nash is back on the NASCAR kick. I thought we left it far behind but the other day he said “Mom? Can I watch the NASCAR Ultimate DVD collection?” Game on.

So last night he was looking at some of the cars online and rattling off their names. Well, the names he has for them, like Blue Store Car (Best Buy), Funny Thing Car (Cingular – before the AT&T switch, try and explain that merger to a 5 year old), Orange Store Car (Home Depot) and my personal favorite, Cardboard Pizza Car:

cardboard pizza car

Guess what I’m NOT doing?

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For the first time in six years I’m not watching American Idol tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still tune in from time to time, but until they at least get to Hollywood, I’m out. It’s just turned a bit dull and I feel like I’m getting enough just watching the highlights on Access Hollywood and The Soup. So there. I said it. I hope you’ll still respect me in the morning.


these are a few of our favorite things January 28, 2008

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Last night while I was searching our friend the internet for photos from the red carpet, I discovered an interesting feature on Yahoo News. It was called “Most Emailed Photos”. Well, that sounded interesting so I took a looksie through the slideshow and here’s what I found:

baby polar bear

Awwwww. A baby polar bear named Flocke from Nuremberg. (fyi, he’s not available for use with any advertisements, which I personally found fascinating) How can you not love this?

Next up, the newly crowned Miss America.

Miss America

The pageant took place at Planet Hollywood in Vegas, ’nuff said. But she’s got a hot body and looks like a real nice lady so I’ll give you this one too.

But seriously, this next one should just be in medical books, not being emailed around to all your friends. He’s got a 22 pound facial tumor. I don’t even know what else to say……

tumor guy

If you want to see what else is all the rage in emailed photos, click here.


SAG Awards January 27, 2008

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OK. I really thought I could sit this out and keep my laptop closed but alas, I can not.

First, how freaking lucky are we that Ryan Seacrest called in sick for his red carpet duties on E!? I seriously have way too much of him in my life already and needed the break. Especially since he’ll be “hosting” the Superbowl next week. Enough already!!

Now Debra Messing. Everyone seemed to like her dress and I agreed….until I saw it straight on when she presented. If she had boobs it would have been fine, but it looked like the skin showing WAS her boobs. It’s like one of those things if you look at it just long enough, you’ll see it. Weird.


And she presented with Zac Efron who for some reason she decided didn’t need to talk. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he needs to, but she sort of shunned him as he was standing right there.

The most stunning woman in the room is Laura Leighton, Doug Savant’s wife who you could see sitting behind him in the intro when he spoke. Did you see her?? Smokin’ hot. **I was looking for a pic of said smokin’ hot wife. This is the photo of the TV of who I was sure was Laura Leighton as she was sitting right next to Doug. But then I found the next pic of her on the red carpet. Is this the same person?? Face – same. Hair – different. Jewelry- different. Dress – different. Does someone like Laura Leighton have a red carpet look and a different award show look? Someone please advise.

And duh, Angelina is soooo preggers. Did anyone else see her when she first arrived and stepped on the hem of her dress and nearly lost some booby?!

All the dresses are lovely. I think Ellen Pompeo might be my fav. Maybe even America Ferrera. And I always love how Marcia Cross uses her red hair as an accessory to her dress. Fabulous colors.
The only misses are Sandra Oh (as always) and Jane Krakowski who looked like she threw up lemons and limes (or perhaps olives) all over the front.

oh2.jpg vomit.jpg

I would like to send a comb to more than one celebrity as well.

And tell me the world wasn’t holding their breath through all the dead folks just waiting for Heath. Rest in peace, mate.


Ahhh, to be 15 again January 25, 2008

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Miley Cyrus. Miley, Miley, Miley. 15 years old and look at you.


So fresh and polished. Got yourself a TV show, record deal, lots of merchandising deals and a concert tour with tickets more coveted than Bruce Springsteen’s. Here you are in your $2,400 Michael Kors coat just hanging in NYC. Natch.

I remember 15. I was living a very similar lifestyle. Only I didn’t have a TV show. Or a record deal. Or a concert tour. But I was in marching band and we had a few parades that summer. I was making $3.50 an hour plus tips serving burgers at a little dive called The Red Hut. We even had a salad bar. Fancy. I had my own special look going…..


I saved for weeks to get this killer sweater for $17.99 from Vanity at the mall in Fergus. And believe it or not, I did my own hair. Ken Paves still hasn’t opened a salon in Battle Lake. WHATEVER.