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Tori March 27, 2008

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I love reading about people’s lives. Autobiographies and biographies fascinate me. I especially love ones about rock stars and celebrities. (I remember staying up all night one night reading Mia Farrow’s memoir) So I was giddy when the library called to tell me sTORI TELLING by Tori Spelling was in.


I had reserved it the moment I heard about it and was proud to be the first to check it out when it arrived last Saturday. What a truly unique life this girl has lead. I guarantee there is no one else on the planet that has lived a life similar to this one. Her dad was a [very rich] TV legend and her mom is a complete nut job. It was shocking to read how twisted her mom was with regard to money. She would see no problem buying jewelry for millions of dollars, or spending any amount of money on herself, but when it came to Tori, she became this maniac tight-wad and would fight over every single dollar spent. Days before a post wedding party that SHE planned for Tori, she decided that she would not foot the $9,000 bill forcing Tori and her new (now ex) husband and his family to pay for it. And that family just happened to be from the next town over, not of the wealthy 90210 breed, I’m sure. (I remember the hub-bub when she was in town over the holidays a couple years ago. Soo exciting!) But then she dumped him, broke his heart as well as his family’s to be with Dean, who was also married with a child and another on the way (she actually specifically left that part out of the book but duh, everyone knew that). After the break-up with husband #1, someone in his family wrote to her and said “All these years when people said Tori Spelling’s a whore, I defended you. At least I don’t have to anymore.” Mad props to Tori for including that comment in her book.Anyway, you want to hate her, but you can’t. You almost feel sorry for her. And I seriously just want to invite her over to hang out and watch movies, drink wine and order pizza. But she’s probably banned from Essex County……


Snoop Nashy Dogg March 25, 2008

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I am soooo easily amused.

Click Here

If the link doesn’t work, here’s my cheesy version of me taping it from my computer since Jib Jab requires some Adobe upgrade many of us don’t have. Reminds me of the 80’s when I used to set up a tape recorder next to the TV to record the bands on American Bandstand….



I remember when….. March 24, 2008

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If you’re my [undisclosed] age, you’ve heard your grandparents tell the story of walking 10 miles uphill in the snow to get to school, etc.
And now I tell stories about when I was a kid, how we had to get up to change the channel on the TV or when you called someone and they were on the phone, you got a busy signal and just had to try again later. Hell, I tell the story about how when I got married all of 12 years ago and had to plan my wedding using THE YELLOW PAGES. That was what we used back in the day of the dinosaur before the internet was all up and fully loaded like it is now.
With today’s technology we get what we want when we want it and if we have to wait more than 3 seconds for it, we get frustrated. Which brings me to today’s drama. Netflix is currently suffering a “technology breakdown” and has been down since this morning. But they only have 7.5 million customers so I’m just guessing I’m not alone with my Netflix anxiety today. I finally got the whole new release thing down. See, you send your movie back Saturday so they get it Monday. Monday is when they send out new releases. I got the e-mail this morning that they had received my movie (No Reservations – really, what they hell was I thinking?? ) and with Kite Runner coming out tomorrow and at the top of my queue, I should have it tomorrow. But will I???? It’s looking doubtful. I can’t imagine what kind of giant operation they run and how they manage to do what they do and get these movies out to 7.5 million people every day. I like to think it involves a little bit of magic. How does the internet work? How can we not survive with something we basically didn’t even have a dozen years ago? There was a guy from youtube in our office last week that said every minute, TEN hours of video footage is uploaded to the site. How the hell do they store all that and serve it up to anyone that wants it in an instant?
It has to be magic, doesn’t it?


The ultimate peep show March 21, 2008

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Happy Easter!!



Strep, round 2 March 18, 2008

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Seriously. Four days after finishing his antibiotics (of which he did not miss one dose, thankyouverymuch) he got it again. I’ll leave out the gory details as it was not a pretty sight. I blame manatee, who spent 20 minutes in the dryer on high yesterday trying to kill any germs. So we are now on round two of a different, stronger antibiotic of which he is taking a larger dose of. Even I got in on the fun and was feeling like crap and got my very own second round of Penicillin. Oh boy. But today he was drastically improved and returned to school.
Here he is with a piece of ice he found that looked just like Nevada for which he was quite proud: 



And this photo of “Nash under glass” reminded me that I missed St. Patrick’s Day completely due to the plague and Easter is now 4 days away and I haven’t taken down all the Valentine’s decorations. But for the record, the wreath is still hanging on the front door so clearly I have some holiday issues….




Brown Rice? March 15, 2008

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If you’re a regular reader you know that I don’t cook. I manage to scrounge stuff up at home during the week, but weekends are for going out or getting take-out. But since I’m flying solo this week with a still sick 5 year old (while the hubby enjoys delicious BBQ in Austin – WHATEVER) I’m at the mercy of the delivery man. I go with Chinese tonight. When I ask if they have brown rice, he replied ‘We have fried rice that is the color brown’. Um, yeah. I’m gonna go ahead and pass. I wonder how many people actually think they’re eating something healthy when they order fried rice….


Carl Edwards has been found! March 14, 2008

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And you probably didn’t know he was lost. Or even who he is. Well, let me tell you. Carl Edwards is the driver of the 99 car in NASCAR. There have been 4 races so far this season and Carl has won 2 of them. So he’s currently one of Nash’s favorites. But his toy 99 car has been missing for over a week. We’ve looked for it, but have had no luck. Today we even went to Target and I was ready to buy him another one so he would just shut up about it! But alas, sold out. I’m telling you, he’s like the new Jeff Gordon (who there happened to be tons of on the shelf). In our house, my husband is the fixer and I’m the finder. So when we got home, I put on my finder hat and armed with determination, I proceeded to tear the house apart. We found the 01 car (which he didn’t even know was missing) under the sofa and the 24 car (again, didn’t know this one was missing) in with the Legos. So where pray tell was the 99 car? The one place I really didn’t want to look – the dreaded Power Ranger Bucket:


But there it was. Ta-dah! I shall continue to proudly live up to my name.
Yours truly,
The Finder