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PVF (post vacation funk) April 27, 2008

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I can not re-enter the real world post vacation. I am in a funk. I’m convinced it’s easier for an astronaut to return to earth after being in orbit for months than it is for me to return from a week of vacation on the West Coast. We got home last night and Nash stayed up later than ever with the time change and 1.5 hour nap on the plane. We slept until almost 9 AM this morning. I fear tomorrow when we have to be up so early. Ugh. I’ve done all the laundry and put stuff away. I couldn’t bear the idea of going to the grocery store where other humans are so I ordered groceries on-line from Pea Pod that will be delivered tomorrow. I’ve transferred and uploaded hundreds of photos. It’s impossible to pick the best to share so here are a few just for fun. The first are from Yerba Buena Park (greatest park in the world):

Next, Muir Woods. Beautiful, but clearly impossible for me to try and get the kid and the magic of the trees in one shot!

There are tons more, but I’ll just leave you with this one of my little angel asleep on the plane on the way home cuddling his pals Scratch (manatee) and Sniff (sea lion). Wish me luck tomorrow when I have to actually leave the house. Do you think it’s OK to wear my soft pants to work?


San Francisco – Day one April 22, 2008

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Do you think anyone else has the Paul Frank store on their list of things to do the first day in San Francisco?

I have my priorities, what can I say?

We also visited the sea lions at Pier 39 which we all loved. If it wasn’t freezing, I swear we would have stayed there all day watching them.


Blogging from the West Coast April 21, 2008

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We survived the 6.5 hour flight and are officially on vacation in California!! Of course Nash has been up since 5 AM and the rest of the house is sleeping. I didn’t mind getting up as I was kind of excited to find the Boston Marathon coverage and drink some coffee and chill. I love to watch this event and hear all of the runner’s stories and they run past the buildings I work by and head to the finish line, which is 2 blocks from my office. However, apparently live coverage only happens in New England. Is it really not a big deal anywhere else? I’m oblivious. I mean, it IS the Boston Marathon. Lance Armstrong is running it this year. Katie “Cruise” ran it last year. So I look online and or whatever reason, the live stream is “only available in New England”.

However, I did come across this slide show of famous 80’s couples that brought back some good memories. Enjoy!


Voice activated customer service – please bite me April 19, 2008

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We’ve all been annoyed at some point trying to call a customer service number and struggling with the impossible act of getting a human on the phone, right? Sometimes I hit the zero a hundred times and just pray for a human. But they often trick you and say to press 6 to speak to someone. And of course there’s the entering in your entire credit card number only to finally get someone to get on the line and ask you for it again. Why the hell did I just enter it?? I would love to meet someone that designs these elaborate systems to see if they will just admit that the key is to suck you into a vortex of pointlessness. Today I called United Airlines. When saying my name, they understood my first and last name (shocking) but for some reason we got stuck on my middle initial, the dreaded “T”. ‘Did you say “d” as in dog?’ – No. T. – ‘Did you say “b” as in boy?’. No. T as in Tango, dammit. (BTW, I know I’m wasting some of my best sarcasm on a damn robot, but really, how can you not be annoyed at this point??). Then I get what I wanted when I first called 10 minutes ago – ‘let me transfer you to a customer service representative’. Thank you. That was kind of the the point. So then “Ben” who is probably somewhere in India gets on the line and says ‘It looks like you need to know your middle initial.’

Yeah, that’s exactly why I called United Airlines. Because I forgot my freaking middle initial. Thanks, Ben.


You say potato, I say crazy ass spider looking thing April 18, 2008

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Me and the kitchen. It’s just not a good mix. I’ve had people read my blog and think I’m kidding about not cooking or want to help me by sharing some “simple” recipes. Well, one day while shopping I clearly had the idea to bake a potato. I even kind of remember picking it out and thinking I could just microwave it and throw on a little salsa for a fancy little dinner. Clearly that was weeks and weeks ago because the other day I found this living in my cupboard:

Seriously, the legs on this thing were a foot long. Why do I even bother??


Can you name these dinosaurs? April 17, 2008

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If you guessed Iguanodon, Triceratops, Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex you are WRONG. They are: Strep Throat, Strep Throat, Impetigo, and TBD. See, every time you go to the pediatrician’s, you get a free sticker. Nash has been collecting them since March 1. I do not want to see another one until 2009, OK??

And this week alone I have spent over 2 hours WAITING in doctor’s offices. WTF? If I have an appointment at 10:30, I expect to see a doctor within 30 minutes of that time. And if I don’t, would it kill them to freaking apologize for the wait?? I had an appointment with my knee specialist this week and after 40 minutes, he just comes waltzing in all ‘hey, what’s up?’. How about a simple ‘sorry to keep you waiting’?  Or lie with a ‘Sorry, I was busy saving a life’. Or shock me and say ‘sorry, I was busy reading your chart so that I could be completely up to speed on your progress so we wouldn’t have to spend the first 10 minutes recapping where we left off’?? Seriously, they’re called manners. Look into them or ask your mommy and she can remind you.

However, all of this waiting has given me an inspiration for a new book: Things to do while waiting in a doctor’s office. My personal favorite is tongue depressor sword fight. And I rock at Eye Spy. I also love, “Guess what the person in the next room has”, or “What’s in this drawer?” But the true classic is draw on the exam table paper. Nash covered several feet this week…..


Boobs! April 12, 2008

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OK, guys. Don’t get excited. This one if for the ladies.

This week, I had my first professional bra fitting and it was very exciting. I heard about this new place, Intimacy, that opened recently in the Copley Square Mall. I had been meaning to check it out for months but was a little hesitant due to the location of the store. See, it’s right between Barney’s New York and Christian Dior so I fully expected the staff to be all snooty. Of course they would laugh at my boobs and my Target bra and I just wasn’t sure I wanted to subject myself to that ridicule. But I seriously needed a new bra so I bit the bullet and headed over during lunch the other day. And guess what? It was fantastic! These guys are serious pros and the entire staff was incredibly nice and helpful. I filled out a short questionnaire (one one of the questions was ‘do you think a bra can change your life’) and was then led to a lovely and spacious dressing room with Ebony, my own personal specialist. On the way she explained that they don’t use tape measures. Huh? We get to the room and she basically said ‘show me what you got’, so I did. And she didn’t even laugh. I knew then we would be BFFs and she was going to take good care of me. She looked at my current bra and how it fit me. Then based on her assessment of how it fit me, she brought in an armful of bras – one size smaller and one cup size bigger than I currently had. I had my doubts as I tried that first one on but of course, she was right. We tried on a variety of styles, made some adjustments to the straps and I was a whole new woman. The “basic” bra was $69. More than I think I’ve ever spent on a bra, but it fit perfectly and I do wear them every day so I splurged and got one black and one beige. She did bring me a handful of the “fashion” bras to try on as well. Oh, they were pretty but I caught a glimpse of the $117 price tag and passed. This was my fav. I snapped a pic of me in it in the dressing room before Ebony took it away….