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when you care enough to send the very best May 31, 2008

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I’m not a fan of store bought cards.  It’s nearly impossible to find the “perfect” card.  And there’s always the “Sorry I sucked the other 364 days of this year but I really do love you” cards that are just sad.  Plus they’re expensive.  I have Nash make cards for most occasions and frankly, I think the recipients like it just the same if not more than a five dollar card from Hallmark.

These cards from Pretty Bitter, however, cracked me up:

Fancy AND sarcastic.  The perfect mix!


Huh? May 29, 2008

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I’m not sure which of these statements in the most bizarre:

  • Clay Aiken is going to be a dad.
  • He “lives” with the mother, but the statement released clearly states she was inseminated.
  • She’s producer David Foster’s sister.
  • He’s 29 and clearly gay and she’s 50.
  • Clay Aiken is going to be a dad. Seriously.

I want a moat May 28, 2008

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Brad & Angela\'s new digs


Like they didn’t already have it all, Brad and Angelina have now leased (not purchased as first reported – I do my research, thankyouverymuch) a $70 Million villa in the south of France for the next three years.  Here are some of the estate’s highlights (besides the fact that Brad Pitt will be there):

  • 1,000 acres
  • 35 Bedrooms
  • Its own vineyard (click here to order a bottle)
  • An olive grove
  • 20 fountains
  • Johnny Depp, Bono and the Edge as “neighbors”
  • A staff of 12
  • Helicopter landing pad
  • Recording studio
  • And the piece de resistance – a moat
The moat would have been a deal breaker for me.  I mean, if I was going to go all out and rent a $70 million pad, it would HAVE to have a  moat.  I may look into getting one for our house.  At least price it out and see the look on the contractor’s face when he realized I’m dead serious.   Wonder what the going rates are for moats in Salem…….



Drum roll please……. May 24, 2008

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to MY 100TH POST!!!!

Can you believe it?  And you thought it wouldn’t last.  But somehow I’ve come up with 100 topics ranging from rotten clementines to finding the perfect bra.  Thank you to all you dedicated readers that bookmarked me and check back regularly.  For those of you that haven’t been back for a few months, welcome back.  I’ve missed you.  I hope you’ll click back through the archives and see all the juicy stuff you’ve been missing out on!

But on this Memorial Day Weekend, I’m going to resist my ranting and focus on the holiday.  Most of us just look at it as the start of summer.  The first long weekend with good weather.  A good time to break out the grill.  The running of the Indianapolis 500.  But the holiday originally originated after the Civil War to honor the Union soldiers that had died.  It was later expanded to commemorate all U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country.   And every year around this time you probably encounter a veteran somewhere collecting donations in exchange for one of these flowers.

Buddy Poppy

They’re called  Buddy Poppies and they are made by veterans and sold by veterans to raise money to help support our nation’s veterans.  

Now I’d like you to meet my favorite veteran, my great grandfather, John Lincoln Tyler Frantz.  Here he is off to duty in World War I (yes, ONE):

Handsome man, isn’t he?  I had the pleasure of growing up knowing him and hanging out with him on a pretty regular basis.  As kids we used to ride our bikes to his place on the other side of the lake.  He used to give us change out of his coin purse so we could get penny candy from the corner store. (yes, you could get  candy for a penny back in the old days)  He was full of sass and I loved him.  He died in 1984 at the age of 93.  I was 18.  I have so many vivid memories of him and feel very, very fortunate to have spent as much time with him as I did.

So every year I buy a Buddy Poppy in memory of him.  I always walk away with a smile and a tear in my eye as I reflect back on my days spent with my great grandpa.  So next time you see that Vet sitting outside the post office or the grocery store, make a donation and get yourself a poppy in memory of someone you’ve loved and lost.  It’ll make you feel good, I promise.


I hate my local paper May 21, 2008

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Seriously.  The Salem News sucks.  Hard.  I never buy it because there’s never anything interesting in it save for the occasional Saturday purchase just to get the Target flyer a day early.  But since I skipped stalking Kate Hudson last night, I figured it would be worth 50 cents to check out the coverage of a couple of A list celebs in town filming a major motion picture – the first one filmed in Salem since 1993’s Hocus Pocus.  I wasn’t expecting People or US Weekly coverage, but a scoop of some sort.  Here’s the photo that was on the cover:


And I won’t even link to the story it was so lame.  C’mon.  Can’t you at least TRY?   I think I had better coverage here on my blog.  

What I have pieced together is that the scene shot was actually the opening scene of the movie where Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson both attend a mutual friend’s wedding.  Kate spent the morning in a trailer parked on Hawthorne Blvd. where a black SUV pulled up next to the trailer and she got in (wearing a white robe and Uggs, natch) and was whisked away to the Peabody Essex Museum – a whole block away. And that’s about it.  No shopping at Pamplemousse, no coffee at the Gulu and she was a no-show for dinner at my place.  Maybe next time.

And now it’s time to hunker down for the battle of the Davids on American Idol.  Can’t wait for Jonas Bros, George Michael and all the other surprises in store.  Who cares who wins?!  (Apparently I do because I did text a few votes in for Cook)



More tough questions from a five year old May 20, 2008

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Tonight on the way home (after deciding not to stalk Kate Hudson) Nash asked me what my favorite color was.  It went something like this:

Nash: Mom? What’s your favorite color?
Me: Green
Nash: What’s you second favorite?
Me: Purple
Nash: What’s your third favorite?
Me: Orange

It goes on, but you get the idea.  Well, after we got home he came up with another one.  He asked me what my favorite day in my whole life was.  I said “That’s easy.  The day you were born.” (awww)  Then he asked me what my second favorite was.  OK, that would be  “The day I married your daddy.”  Then of course came, what was my third favorite day?  Hmmmm, probably “The day I met your daddy”.  Then what was my fourth?  Graduation?  (boring) Moving to L.A.? (terrifying) Going to the Les Paul tribute show with Spencer Davis and meeting every great guitarist that ever lived? (quite possible)  The day I swam with dolphins?  (ranks pretty high) The day Target finally opened in Massachusetts (can you imagine life without??)

So think about it.  What are your five most favorite days of your life? 


Fine, I’ll set an extra place for Lance May 19, 2008

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Wow, the Kate Hudson gossip is running fast and furious!!  Apparently she’s now dating Lance Armstrong. Fine, bring him along for dinner!  The more the merrier!  

Some avid readers of nashsmom.com have told me where she is staying in town, what name she’s under, how much she weighs, what she’ll eat, what she won’t eat and obviously who she’s sleeping with.  God, I feel a little like the Perez Hilton of the North Shore!!  Keep it coming!  I love it!!!