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Pump up the jam June 28, 2008

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The little guy turns SIX tomorrow and the festivities kicked off today at 10 AM with a jumpy party at Pump It Up.  This place is a giant warehouse filled with moon bounces.  It’s ridiculous and the kids loooove it.  

They were all sweaty and exhausted by the time we hit the “party room” for pizza and cake.  What kind of cake?  Why Speed Racer cake of course!

Here’s the sweaty birthday boy on the inflatable throne.  Seriously.

We spent the rest of the day assembling toys, returning toys and buying more toys with gift cards.  Dude was in heaven.  And we ended the day with a sushi dinner, per the birthday boy’s request.  See it was 6 years ago tonight that Jeff brought home sushi for dinner and 2 hours later, I went into labor.  (and 12 hours later he finally entered the world but that’s another story…..)  And gotta think that has something to do with him always liking sushi, right?

Anyway, happy birthday, bear.  I super love you.


oh. my. god. June 26, 2008

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In a day filled with headlines of escaped convicts, guilty verdicts and celeb splits the big breaking news is not out of Boston or Hollywood today, but from my mom straight out of my hometown of Battle Lake, Minnesota (remember B.L.??)

So who do you think shows up for a week of vacation?  On MY lake?  Eating pizza at MY pizza place (where I used to waitress)?  O.J. freaking Simpson.  Seriously.  Turns out his girlfriend of 12 years is from Fergus Falls and her brother has a place on Ottertail Lake so they came out for a visit.  Oh, and to meet her dad because O.J. HAD NEVER MET HIM.  Who dates someone for TWELVE years and doesn’t meet her dad?  Or maybe dad didn’t want to meet him because of the whole killed-his-ex-wife thing.  Hard to picture O.J. driving by my folks place on his way to Zorbaz.  It’s just weird.  My last “brush” with O.J. was sitting at table next to his table at the Ivy back in my L.A. days.  And I thought that was kinda weird.  Too bad the Beaver Trap is closed.  I bet he would have liked that place. 

Click here for the full story.


Um, scary? June 25, 2008

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Every work day I park at a local church parking lot and walk to the train station sometime between 8-8:30.  On my walk I pass the county court house.  Occasionally I’ll see some shackled convicts being escorted into the back of the court house.  I usually steal a quick glance then look away.  Or avoid looking at all if they are being obnoxious and whistling or some shit.  Well, today one of those convicts broke free and ran away to a waiting get away car and he’s still on the loose.  Yikes!  I caught the 8:06 train today.  The local newspaper I hate is reporting online that this happened at 8:05.  Of course they are wrong since they can’t report anything to save their lives and I’m pretty sure I would have noticed a shackled man running towards me.  Another is reporting that it happened at 8:20, when I would have been safely on my way to Boston. Either way, yikes.  It’s super creepy knowing there’s some escaped convict out there but I’ve convinced myself that if he had an obviously well planned escape, he’s long gone from here.


Summer Camp – day one June 24, 2008

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If you can judge the level of fun a child has by the color of his socks at the end of the day, I say day one at summer camp was a success.

The sock on the left is what he came with last night. The sock on the right was today’s fresh clean sock.


Mondays suck June 23, 2008

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It was the first day of summer camp.  Happy fun summer kick-off day, right?  Not.  I was going to bring Nash and his best pal (which would ensure a painless drop off), but since our phone at home has not worked since Friday night, Max’s mom couldn’t get through to confirm the details (even though I left her a message saying the phone wasn’t working and leaving my cell phone number but I’m so guilty of just seeing someone called and not listening to the message I totally forgive this one). Yadda, yadda, yadda, she had decided to bring Max herself so I had to bring Nash alone.  Of course there wasn’t a single kid there that he knew and I couldn’t just leave him all alone so I tried to interact with a couple kids to see if it was OK if Nash join them in the sandbox  and they said ‘NO’.  Seriously.  ‘No lady,  your kid can’t play with us tell him to find his own damn friends’, was what I heard and it broke my heart.  But Nash was OK and we wandered around a bit.  I spotted a trash can and decide to throw away his half eaten breakfast bar and nearly empty strawberry milk (for which he told me I was “too awesome” for buying).  I kept trying to get him to finish them but he had told me three times he was done and I was getting sick of holding it.  Of course the moment he realized I threw them away, he wanted them back.  Tears followed by discussions of why we can’t take it out of the trash (I could add another Seinfeld reference here).  After I get him calmed down, we go out to the sandbox and start collecting dinosaurs to play with together.  After a few minutes he looks up at me and says “You can go now, mom.”  Insert tears again, but this time they’re mine.  

Next mission –  catch a train to get to work.  It’s 8:11.  The train out of Salem leaves in 16 minutes.  If I miss it, there’s not another for 45 minutes.  It took me 12 minutes to get here from home, so I can probably get to my parking spot but then it’s another 5 minute walk from there so it’s cutting it close.  So I decide to drive to Wonderland and take the blue line train from there.  Driving there I realize I only have $2.  Parking is $4.  I must have $2 in change in the bottom of my purse or somewhere in the car, right?  Nope.  I have exactly $1.90 and I can’t find another 10 cents anywhere (yes, I’ve pulled over and looked everywhere).    I contemplate making a sign and panhandling for the final 10 cents but of course I don’t have a piece of cardboard or a marker (I looked).  Then I heard the news that George Carlin died and that makes me sad.  I need George Carlin right now to make me laugh, dammit!  I’m sure he was proud that his seven famous words you can’t say on TV have been said numerous times in my car this morning.

So now I just need to stop at an ATM, right?  Of course I don’t see any and I’m in Lynn, Lynn, city of sin so I’m not sure I even want to get out of my car even if I do see one.  I decide to go to a Stop and Shop grocery store and never one to pay a service fees for a bank that’s not mine, I buy a 12 pack of diet coke and do the self checkout thing and plan to get cash back.  Of course there’s a problem and I have to wait for the lady with the key to come, but eventually I make it out with two nice crisp twenty dollar bills.  

I head back to the train station and realize I can’t take the left turn I need to to get into the parking lot. So I drive until I see an opportunity and do an illegal u-turn.  I pull in and give the guy my crisp $20 hoping he’ll ask if I have anything smaller so I can offer him my $3.90 but no luck.  I park and walk across the Lynnway to the train station.  Um, what does that sign say?  “STATION CLOSED”.  Seriously??  

Cut to me on a bus.

I eventually make it to work and take pride in the fact that it just can’t get any worse today.  Fingers crossed…..



You know it’s summer when….. June 22, 2008

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The Salem pool opened today! (yes, that’s a giant witch riding a broom at the bottom of the pool)  There was a big kick-off with free ice cream which Nash passed on because ‘we already have a snack that you packed.’ (watermelon)  I love this kid!  We were in for about 10 minutes before thunder struck and they cleared the pool.  We stuck it out and got a few more “laps” in with daddy as well as the mayor’s kids and even caught part of a little league game where we saw Nash’s teacher, Mrs. Collins, who was watching her son Patrick play.   And then it rained.  Ahhh, summer.



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Last night we went to this relatively new restaurant in Gloucester called Latitude 43.  The restaurant was beautiful, the food was amazing and the waitress was a super chatty native about my age.  She took to Nash immediately and understood the importance of the order of his Speed Racer cars.  I guessed she was a mom too, which of course she was.  Only difference was that her son was twenty-one and a senior in college and mine just finished kindergarten!  Which of course brings me to the story that Time magazine broke last week.  Maybe girls in this seaside fisherman town have been having babies at an early age for a long time, but now they’ve taken it to a new level with this high school pact.  Seventeen girls, all 16 years old or younger, got pregnant so they could have and raise their babies together.  WTF??  I was more than twice that age when I had Nash and I had a loving and supportive husband as well as a stable job with great benefits and it was still a hell of a challenge.  I don’t want to preach or place blame, I’m just venting because I just really want these babies to have a fair chance in this world and I don’t think they are going to get it and that make me sad.