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The year was 1996 September 30, 2008

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Do you ever hear a song and get transported back to a time and place from your past?  You know, like hearing “Open Arms” and being transported to your junior prom?  Well today a little package arrived addressed to the hubby.  I knew there was possibly a special treat in said box so I called and asked for permission to open it (permission granted!) and lo and behold, there it was.  A CD of one of the most memorable live shows I’ve ever seen.  The year – 1996.  The band – Golden Smog.

Made up of members of Wilco, The Jayhawks, Soul Asylum, The Honeydogs and Run Westy Run.  All favorites of mine and seeing them play was/is a rare and special treat.  The location – Austin, Texas.  I watched this show with my best friend, my future husband and his best friend.  We rocked out from the second row (because we were too cool to be in the first row) of a capacity crowd at the Austin Music Hall.  We sang along, pumped our fists in the air and yelled out requests (PIE!!).  It was magic and I was falling in love as it all happened.  I remember every time a new song started we would look at each other and be all “Ohmygod!  They’re playing THIS?!  How awesome!” And we smiled.  And we knew.  We had our first kiss two nights later while searching for the moon tower from Dazed and Confused.  That was March.  We were engaged in May.  Married in November.   Cuz when you know, you know.

That night, those songs, these guys were all part of our courtship.   Hearing that show again today transported me back to a giddy young girl in Texas falling madly in love.   And I liked it.    


What makes YOU unique? September 25, 2008

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Tonight there was an open house at Nash’s school.  One of the lists in his classroom was a list called “What makes you unique?”.  I don’t know what kind of shenanigans he’s up to, but he’s clearly marketing himself as the class celebrity with some Swiss bank account I don’t know about. 


Simple yet brilliant

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I admit as I get older, the more and more obsessed I get with the weather.  It’s one of the highlights of the news for me.  I love the seven day grid with the highs and lows that shows either a big sun, or a nasty rain cloud or other simple graphic that tells me what I can expect in the coming days.  However, the million dollar question for me is – Do I need to bring an umbrella with me in the morning?  Really, that’s all I need.  Well, stop the presses because alas my dream has come true!  My Daily Candy Weekend Guide just informed me of this website:  Umbrella Today?  All you do is enter you zipcode and a simple YES or NO will appear.  Loves it!!  AND you can sign up to get a text message on the mornings that you do need to bring one.  And it’s free!  I’m just giddy….


Emmy highlights September 23, 2008

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Oh wait.  There weren’t any.  It was a snooze.  Even the dresses were fairly safe and besides Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hair, there was hardly any mocking material.  Even Sandra Oh finally managed to dress herself 

My personal highlight was that Nash not only agreed to let me have the TV to watch the red carpet arrivals, he watched them with me.  He gets that it only happens a couple times a year and for some ungodly reason, his mom HAS to watch.  So he watched with me and tried to understand why I liked it.  As the stars arrived, I would tell them their name (“Her name is America – isn’t that cool?”) and a little bit about them (Denis & Ann Leary “They’re from Boston!”).  Then we would discuss their dress and weather or not it was “working” for them and, of course, did they look pretty.  After doing this for a while he looked at me and asked “Mommy, how do you know all these people?”.  Just my little circle of friends, my son.   That and from my subscription to US Weekly…

What we learned from this boring show?  

If you haven’t seen it, add “Damages” to your Netflix cue.  

It was a better show without Katherine Heigel there.

Tina Fey rocks.

Eva Longoria is pregnant.  

Christina Applegate is my new hero.

For a first hand look at the Emmys from someone that actually attend the event AND has read my blog (OK.  Only once, but still), go to Ann Leary’s blog.   And if you want to see the TMZ video of her taking her dive, click here.


Oh, NYC you lucky little bitch September 16, 2008

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Y’all know how much I love my Target.  Like pretty much my favorite place on earth.  All of the stores are different and I’ve seen a million of them (and I’ve rocked them all!).  When we fly to Minnesota every summer, our first stop is Target.  Preferably some new one we haven’t been to in the Twin Cities region.  Then we hit them all on the way “up North”.   Monticello, Alexandria (a fav), and hit Fergus and Fargo while there.  When we travel, it’s a must.  (The Targets in San Fran were spectacular!)  And I remember hitting every single Target in Austin Texas with my now husband as part our our “courting” (clearly meant for each other, right??).  I love the two-story Target, the Super Target (pleeeeeze come to the East Coast!!!!) But now – wait for it ………





Dear, God.  I can hardly stand it.

Apparently there were four locations open for four days.  How do you spell T-E-A-S-E??

All these lucky, lucky bloggers made it there and have some great photos.  Check them out:



I no longer feel complete….


More things I hate September 15, 2008

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Extra paper at the check-out at the grocery store, Target, etc.   All I want is a simple receipt with the total.  Period.   I don’t need coupon for diapers (thank God) or Chex Party Mix, I don’t care if I’ve earned 2 points towards a Thanksgiving turkey and I don’t want to take your stinkin’ survey for a chance to win a prize.

The up-sell.  I’m sure this started somewhere else a long time ago, but I first remember it at the movie theater.  You order popcorn and a drink and you get “Would you like candy or nachos with that?”  Yes, because clearly this bag of popcorn bigger than my head won’t be enough food for me to  to survive of for the next 2 hours.   But now it’s EVERYWHERE.  You order a coffee and get the “Would you like a scone or muffin with that?”.   One day I was at the post office buying stamps and the guy asked me if I wanted any framed Red Sox memorabiia with that.  WTF?  Like I would come in for a $8.40 book of stamps and decide to throw on a $45 framed photo of David Ortiz?  I actually asked him if he had do it and he said yes.  I gotta think these people hate doing it as much as I hate hearing it so just cut it out already.  

Guys who adjust themselves in public.  I’m not a man (surprise!) so I won’t pretend to know what’s going on with the junk down there, but COME ON.  If we ladies have a wedgie or an itch, we do a little wiggle and try to address the situation sans hands.  And if absolutely requires the use of the hand,  we discretely  back into a corner or go somewhere out of the view of others to address the situation.  Men however just do it anywhere and everywhere.  I’ve stood next to guys on trains doing it, at stores, in meetings  – they just don’t care!  I was walking towards a guy and his girlfriend in a Target parking lot once when I guy just full on put his hand down his pants and did whatever the hell he needed to do while pretty much looking right at me.  They JUST DON’T CARE.   Ick.

Waiters and waitresses that won’t write down my order. If you don’t, I will spend the next 20 minutes worried that you will forget to leave the cheese off my salad or to put the dressing on the side.  And even if you do remember, I won’t be impressed.  If for some reason this little memory game is something you insist on playing with yourself, fine.  But humor me and just pretend to write something down.  Or just draw a picture of me with devil horns.  I don’t mind.


this will either make you laugh…. September 12, 2008

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Or you totally won’t get it.