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This New Old House October 24, 2008

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Last night we attended the wrap party for the This Old House “Weston Project” and it rocked!

My pal Amy and her husband Pete put a spin on the concept of PBS’s This Old House.  They tore down their old house piece by piece and were able to recycle 85% of it (cuz that’s the kind of girl Amy is) and built a new house that looks old.  It’s got elements of an old barn on the outside, and feels like a big open ski lodge on the inside.  It’s very open with lots and lots of windows and exposed timber-frame beams.  It just gave you that warm cozy feeling where you just want to cuddle up in front of the fireplace in your jammies with some hot chocolate and never leave.  (or in the media room with a beer and bucket of popcorn,  or in the garden down by the stream, or hiding up in the cupola looking out over the world……)

Needless to say, they know how to throw a party.  There was plenty of food and drink and guests were allowed to roam freely and self-tour the new digs (Confession – Amy, I totally checked out your walk-in closet.  Sorry-had to!) .  They had baskets of hospital booties to cover our dirty feet with before entering the house (some of us used them, others didn’t….) And guests were asked to bring a paper good for the shelter where Amy volunteers and by the end of the night the front porch was overflowing with paper towels, toilet paper, etc. The details of the house were insane.  They literally thought of everything, not to mention the solar hot water and rain garden.  During the second walk through, we discovered things we missed the first time, like the kitty door to the hidden cat box behind the secret door.  Brilliant.  

Here’s what it looked like as a work in progress:

And this is what it looked like last night overflowing with jealous lookie-loos!  


I came thisclose to asking TOH’s Kevin O’Connor for his autograph for Nash’s 4 year-old friend Kolya who is a huge fan of the show (seriously).  I’m still kicking myself for not doing it.  Otherwise it was a perfect night and we even saw a deer on the way home.   Loved it!

For all the official details on the house  click here.


Love is alright tonight October 18, 2008

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Oh boy.  Teenage Nash’s Mom is back!!  Last night the hubby treated me to an early anniversary present and took me to see Rick Springfield.  It takes a pretty cool husband to pay for his wife to sit and scream like a teenage girl at another man for a couple hours.  

Rick rocked out in the round right in the next town over.  He was fantastic.  He knows his audience and works it like a true rock star.  Someone asked me if he was still as hot as he used to be.  Frankly, he’s hotter now.  Don’t believe me?  Here he is at 32 in 1982:

Here he is today at 59:

See what I’m sayin’??

The crowd on the other hand, very scary.  A lot of 40-50 year old plus sized wanna be MILFs dressed in animal prints.  Yowza.

But Mr. Springfield made it a memorable evening and managed to make me and every one of those ladies (and the handful of devoted husbands) feel special.  If you want to see a clip of Rick working the crowd, click here

If you still need more Rick, you can visit one of my early posts about Jessie’s Girl.  

And yes, still giddy…..


Some call it corn October 15, 2008

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But we call it maize.  Corn Maze, that is!  What better way to spend a gorgeous fall day than lost in this:

On Saturday we visited Connors Farm with some pals.  We successfully made it through!  Well, almost.  We couldn’t find location #9 and finally followed some others through a clearly [recently] man made shortcut to #10 at the exit. We let the kids lead the way and they loved it. 

Of course after corn mazing, pumpkin picking and cider donuts, clearly the natural progression would lead to this:


Making the farmers proud with their ninja force.


Messing with a first grader October 10, 2008

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Earlier this week, this conversation happened:

Nash: Mom, do you know who Christopher Columbus is?

Mom: No, who is he?

Nash: You don’t know??

Mom: No.  Is he someone in your class?

Nash: No.  He lived a long, long time ago.  Before there were even clothes.

Me: Oh.  So what did this naked old guy do?

Nash: Well, he wasn’t naked.  He just had clothes that looked funny.

Mom: So he was from the 80’s?

Nash: No, mom!  516 years ago he came from…….some place that starts with an E….

Mom: Europe?

Nash: No.

Mom: Italy?

Nash: Yeah!  And he accidently bumped into America trying to get to India.

Mom: Ouch.  That must have hurt.  

Nash: No mom.  With his ship.  And guess what?  He didn’t even have a map!

Mom: But I bet he had GPS.

Nash: Huh?

Mom: You know like on daddy’s iPhone or a Tom Tom.

Nash: Yeah, I think he did have a Tom Tom!

Mom: Well he should totally take it back because it must not work if he meant to go to India and ended up in America.

**the next day while watching Martha Speaks **

Nash: Mom!  Martha’s from Italy, too!

Mom:  Just like that Kris Kross dude?  Cool!


Mom: Oh. (tee hee)

                     Happy Kris Kross Columbus Day!


Giant Pumpkins, Bumper Cars and angry farm animals, oh my! October 6, 2008

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If it’s October in New England it must be time for the Topsfield Fair!  We’ve been going on opening weekend since Nash was a tot.  This year we skipped the kiddie land rides all together and just went on the big kid rides.  Nash FINALLY got to fulfill his dream of riding in bumper cars!   And of course there was the giant pumpkin contest with the winner weighing in at 1,646 pounds.  And the first place winner in the fruit and vegetable decorating contest – the artichoke/gourd armadillo.  And Nash used his very own money to buy cotton candy.  It was the first time he ever “buyed food”.  He was so proud.  And we got the best freaking corn this side of Iowa.  Huge, juicy and sooo delic.  Throw in a mini king and queen of the fair pageant and a couple of insane farm animals and you’ve got yourself a rockin’ good time!


Bumping into Geniuses October 4, 2008

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I have just finished what might be my favorite autobiography ever!  As you may recall from previous posts, I love autobiographies, biographies, journals, etc.  It’s just fascinating to me to be able to peek into someone’s life and hear their stories.  I’ve also been involved in the music business in some way shape or form for most of my life.  So when I heard an interview with Danny Goldberg and he mentioned that he had a new book coming out, I signed myself right up and was first on the list when it arrived at the library last week (and after reading I think I might buy it so I can own it forever and ever).  Danny has worked with some artists that you may have heard of.  Like Led Zepplin, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Nirvana and Warren Zevon.  This guy has been in the front row behind the scenes for some of the greatest (and saddest) moments in music history.   He’s done everything from PR to A&R and the ultimate baby sitting gig, artist management.  I am in awe of anyone that could be involved with half of what he is in just one of the eleven chapters in this book.  The stories just kept going and going, each one more interesting than the last.   And he manages to pull it off without sounding like an asshole which is another great accomplishment as far as I’m concerned.  I laughed, I cried and enjoyed every page of it.  So if you’re a music fan or interested in what goes on behind the scenes in the music biz, check it out.  You won’t be disappointed!    Oh, and my favorite thing is that after reading 288 pages about his life, there’s an “About the Author” on page 289 which summarizes what you just read into one short paragraph.  That made me laugh….