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Love is alright tonight October 18, 2008

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Oh boy.  Teenage Nash’s Mom is back!!  Last night the hubby treated me to an early anniversary present and took me to see Rick Springfield.  It takes a pretty cool husband to pay for his wife to sit and scream like a teenage girl at another man for a couple hours.  

Rick rocked out in the round right in the next town over.  He was fantastic.  He knows his audience and works it like a true rock star.  Someone asked me if he was still as hot as he used to be.  Frankly, he’s hotter now.  Don’t believe me?  Here he is at 32 in 1982:

Here he is today at 59:

See what I’m sayin’??

The crowd on the other hand, very scary.  A lot of 40-50 year old plus sized wanna be MILFs dressed in animal prints.  Yowza.

But Mr. Springfield made it a memorable evening and managed to make me and every one of those ladies (and the handful of devoted husbands) feel special.  If you want to see a clip of Rick working the crowd, click here

If you still need more Rick, you can visit one of my early posts about Jessie’s Girl.  

And yes, still giddy…..


3 Responses to “Love is alright tonight”

  1. lisa Says:

    Be still my heart. He is definitely way hotter now! He was smiling right at you in that pic wasn’t he??

  2. Ilana Says:

    Boyfriend’s had a little work done. Is alls I’m sayin’. Not denying the hotness, but I think a little thanks goes to Dr. 90210.

  3. Andrea Says:

    Not fair. Men get better looking…

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