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Recovery November 24, 2008

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For all you dedicated regular readers, a quick post to say all went well today.  The loose piece of cartilage was removed and was apparently “bigger than a quarter”.   The doctor (“JP”), came by while I was just coming out of the anesthesia and said a bunch of stuff about the defect that I don’t remember at all so will find out more  next week at my follow-up.  

Thank you so much for all your support.  I was really touched by the number of people that offered to help out over the next few day.  That really meant a lot to me.

Here’s what it looks like as of right now if you really want to see it (click to enlarge if you must)…




Quote of the weekend November 23, 2008

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Nash:  Mom, I have to tell you something but I know you’re going to be disappointed in me.

Me:  Well, what is it?

Nash:  I turned the TV off with my penis.

Me: **speechless**


For the love of god, no more cake and pizza!

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Yesterday I did the unthinkable.  I attended two birthday parties in one day.  I field the invites and as a rule, I limit the parties to one per weekend, max.  So weeks ago when he got Chole’s invite to her party at Pump It Up, of course Nash wanted to attend so I RSVP’d.  But then a couple of weeks ago he got invited to HER birthday.  Miss Elizabeth, the most beautiful girl in the school.  The one he gets goofy around.   It was on the same day, but at a different time so technically, we could do both.  And really, how could I say no?  

Of course if you are going to the girl you looooove’s birthday, you have to find the perfect gift, right?  I asked him to ask her what she likes.  He tried, but couldn’t because he was “too nervous”.  So a few e-mails to the mom and one of her neighbors, I discover she is NOT about the Hannah Montana and High School Musical, but more into books and crafts.  Sounds easy, right?  45 minutes in Target back and forth between the toy, book, craft and departments we finally settled on a blank pop up book that she can create her own story in, a snow globe that you can add your own photo into the middle (and don’t think there wasn’t a conversation about putting a photo of himself in there before giving it to her) as well as a pretty letter “E” and blue bell with a glass snowman attached to it.  Whew.  

The party was at the pool on an Air Force base about 40 minutes away.  The whole family went because we don’t typically get invited to go to high security locations like this and were both intrigued.  I’m pretty sure it was the first kid’s birthday party that required showing our ID.  It was amazing to see this little gated “city” with a school, grocery store, movie theatre, etc.  We found the pool (just past the bowling alley) There was swimming, pizza, more swimming, cake, more swimming, then FINALLY presents.  Nash skipped the second and third round of swimming and wanted to get changed into his “handsome shirt” that he insisted on bringing.  Elizabeth’s mom was kind enough to drag her daughter out of the pool so Nash could give her his present.  It looked something like this:


I love how he was trying to be all cool with his hand in his pocket.  She seemed to like the gifts and said thank you to Nash then turned to her mom and asked if she could go back in the pool.   I thought he would be a little crushed, but was fine and we left shortly after.

Party #2 was at 6:00 and guess who showed up?  That’s right, TWO parties with Elizabeth in one weekend.  Oh he was thrilled.

And me?  I managed to sneak out of party #2 to go grocery shopping.  I offered to pick up some butter for Matthew’s mom in exchange for her keeping an occasional eye on my kid.  (what a bargain!)  And with my arsenal of newly acquired food, I am (you better sit down, mom) making soup, cooking a roast in the crock pot AND making mini pies in the toaster oven because the big oven is out-of-order.   I picked up 8 movies from the library, have Gossip Girl, Grey’s and Lipstick Jungle saved on the DVR, the latest US Weekly, Vogue, W and Entertainment Weekly as well as a new book ready and waiting for my return from the hospital tomorrow.  I’m kinda looking forward to just laying on the big bed for a couple days.  Now I just have to find a bell……


random acts of kindess November 20, 2008

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In preparation for the big day of arthroscopic knee surgery Monday, my pal Sarah offered to borrow me her cane.  She had a similar surgery recently and thought the cane was easier to use than the crutches that my doctor has promised me.   So she brought it in to work for me and I brought it home tonight.  But see the thing with canes is that you can’t really just stick it in your bag.  So I was faced with carry it vs. use it.  Or actually pretend to use it because even though it’s starting to hurt (because I had to stop taking my drugs in preparation for the big day-yipee!), it doesn’t hurt so much that I actually needed the cane.  So I carried it.  Until I got to the train station.  Then I thought I would try a little experiment.  The train came and an older man cut right in front of me and got on the train taking the last open “priority seat”.   But no worries, a woman couldn’t jump up fast enough to offer me her seat.  I thanked her and sat down (feeling a little guilty but slightly giddy).  Next stop, North Station.  I literally felt the sea of people part for me.  People would start to walk up the same steps or out the same door as me, then see the cane and immediately step aside.  Getting on the commuter rail was the next test.  There are priority seats at the end of each car.  I walked slowly through two cars waiting to see if anyone in one of those seats would offer to get up.  None of them did.  Then I passed a woman sitting in a two seater with her bag in the seat next to her.  I HATE people that do this and will always sit down and make them move their bag so today was no exception.  Again, at first she seemed annoyed but then she saw the magic cane.   She could not move her stuff fast enough.  But for some reason, she viewed the cane as an invitation to chat.   “Is that an iPhone?” (duh) “How’s that book?” (The Denis Leary book.  I told her it was great, which it is, but am quite sure she is going to go buy it and will be sufficiently mortified.  Score one for the gimp!)  “I like your mittens.” (seriously??)  We got to the station and I limped across the street sure the a$$hole drivers around here would plow me over, but alas, I made it safely to my car with the help of Mr. Cane.  It wasn’t as exciting as Tyra Banks and her fat suit, but it was certainly interesting to see how people react to something as simple as a cane.  

And then I got home to discover a giant package in the garage which contained a gorgeous orchid.  It was from a vendor I work with thanking me for all my hard work on a recent project.  COME ON!!  I work in such a thankless industry filled with self important people that to get something like that is so unexpected. And the fact that it was from the record label of one of the guys in a little band called the E Street Band only added to the excitement. Now if Ilana will please advise as to how I’m supposed to keep this thing alive, that would be great.


Holy crap, it’s the middle of November November 13, 2008

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Did you know this?? Why didn’t someone tell me?? The election had me holding my breath for weeks. Then the calendar filled up with doctor’s appointments (mine), parties (Nash), Halloween and school events (raffle tickets anyone?). Then suddenly we’re getting invitations to holiday parties and inquires about Nash’s “wish list”. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS!!! So if we could just pause for a couple weeks until I get caught up, that would be great. Blog? Who has time! Christmas cards? I’m still waiting for that magic Nash photo to happen (and forget about the never-gonna-happen family shot). And Christmas shopping?! Ugh. If I can’t order it online, you ain’t getting it.  Oh, and I’m having arthroscopic knee surgery next Monday.  


Even if I had something fantastic to write about, I shouldn’t wouldn’t have time to do it.  So I’ll leave you with Nash and his pal Kolya discussing their views of the election.   It’s a long one so grab a beverage and sit back and enjoy.



Letter to my boy November 5, 2008

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Dear Nash –

Well, you were right.  Barack Obama won!  It was such a historical day and one that no one will soon forget and I want to make sure that you remember it so I’m writing you this letter.

After the longest campaign in history, election day finally arrived.  We had planned for days that you would come with me to the polls to vote and I was proud to have you there with me and to help me with my ballot.  You had been talking about the election at school and had your own election in your classroom.  Up until that day, you were sure everyone would be voting for Obama.  I mean, duh, he was totally going to be the next president, right?  But when I picked you up after school, you told me that the girl that you have been in love with since last year voted for McCain.   How could she??  We had a great discussion about opinions and why people make the choices they do and I think it opened your eyes.  I think you understood that this was no shoe-in, it was going to be a race to the finish.   This is where that endless knowledge of NASCAR came in handy.  You know that no race is over until you get around that last corner of the last lap.  Unfortunately, that last lap was going to happen well past your bedtime.  So we watched as the first handful of states were called, and Barack was leading the race.  You were thrilled.  We tucked you in and you drifted off into dreamland while daddy and I hunkered down for the rest of the results.

During the last few weeks the World Series playoffs games were taking place and you would wake up each morning after a game and come upstairs and ask me, “Mommy, who won?”.  Today you came up and asked that same question but instead of answering The Red Sox,Tampa The Bay or The Phillies, I got to say “Barack Obama”.   And then you asked me what the score was.

You couldn’t wait to watch the news.  We watched the Today Show and the coverage was spectacular and incredibly emotional.  Electing the first African American president was historical.  Ground breaking.   But you don’t even understand why that is so significant.  I dread the day that you do fully understand why it is but am glad you live in this world now and where even more and better change is coming!

After watching some coverage and seeing the crowd of 125,000 people in Chicago with the Obama and Biden families on stage, you asked me if you could send Barack a card and then made this.  


(That says “Do you want to meet some of my friends”)  And BTW,  I’m totally sending this to him.

You then told me that I should buy the Salem paper because Barack would be on the cover.  I told you that he was going to be on the cover of every newspaper in the whole world.  You just looked at me and said “Really??”.  Yes, really.

One of the many, many stories that brought me to tears today was one of a black man in Harlem being interviewed that said “Now when my son looks at me and asks ‘does this mean that I can be anything that I want to be?’  I can answer, yes it does.”

I hope you’ll have some memory of this day and if not, that this letter will bring some back because you’re gonna want to remember this one. 




the bright side November 3, 2008

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Tonight I told Nash that Barack Obama’s grandmother had died.  I said it was really sad that she died the night before the election.  And he looked at me and said “But tomorrow he’s going to win and that’s happy, right?”.

I love him.