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Post Kit Kat blues November 1, 2008

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We have officially survived another Halloween in Salem.  I successfully managed to avoid all things “downtown” and even though I missed all the Joe the Plumbers, Sarah Palins wandering around, it was still a great day.  The morning started with a parade at Nash’s school.  Here he is with his BFF, Speed Racer:

And here’s some kid in his class that made me laugh my ass off.  I wonder if he picked it out or if it’s a tribute to his bingo loving grandma….


Here’s my little Rhino Ranger striking the obligatory Halloween pose:


  And with Yoda along for the ride, we headed over to Halloween party #4:













Here’s the whole gang before the mad dash for candy.







The entire neighborhood was out and ready for fun.  Even the parents dress up and some families really go all out.  And yes, that’s a dog in a cape dad is holding. 


After hearing Nash yell “Trick or treat, smell my feet.  Give me something good to eat.  If you don’t, I don’t care.  I’ll just rip your underwear.” more times that I care to think about, we headed home and did that thing that every kid (and parent!) looks forward to doing once a year – we dumped out the pumpkin and inventoried our loot:

I love having to explain why he can’t have Whoppers for breakfast….


One Response to “Post Kit Kat blues”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Did you dress up? Jeff? I want photos.

    Oh, and Kolya had a giant white chocolate Kit-Kat for breakfast the next morning, further sealing my nomination for mother of the year.

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