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Holy crap, it’s the middle of November November 13, 2008

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Did you know this?? Why didn’t someone tell me?? The election had me holding my breath for weeks. Then the calendar filled up with doctor’s appointments (mine), parties (Nash), Halloween and school events (raffle tickets anyone?). Then suddenly we’re getting invitations to holiday parties and inquires about Nash’s “wish list”. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS!!! So if we could just pause for a couple weeks until I get caught up, that would be great. Blog? Who has time! Christmas cards? I’m still waiting for that magic Nash photo to happen (and forget about the never-gonna-happen family shot). And Christmas shopping?! Ugh. If I can’t order it online, you ain’t getting it.  Oh, and I’m having arthroscopic knee surgery next Monday.  


Even if I had something fantastic to write about, I shouldn’t wouldn’t have time to do it.  So I’ll leave you with Nash and his pal Kolya discussing their views of the election.   It’s a long one so grab a beverage and sit back and enjoy.



3 Responses to “Holy crap, it’s the middle of November”

  1. Jen W Says:

    I just love that you have that captured on tape forever. I love hearing their thoughts!

  2. darcy Says:

    get these kids to oprah pronto.

  3. Jen V Says:

    It’s amazing yet sad that these 2 kids know more than most americans. Kudos to raising educated children. There is hope in the future.

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