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random acts of kindess November 20, 2008

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In preparation for the big day of arthroscopic knee surgery Monday, my pal Sarah offered to borrow me her cane.  She had a similar surgery recently and thought the cane was easier to use than the crutches that my doctor has promised me.   So she brought it in to work for me and I brought it home tonight.  But see the thing with canes is that you can’t really just stick it in your bag.  So I was faced with carry it vs. use it.  Or actually pretend to use it because even though it’s starting to hurt (because I had to stop taking my drugs in preparation for the big day-yipee!), it doesn’t hurt so much that I actually needed the cane.  So I carried it.  Until I got to the train station.  Then I thought I would try a little experiment.  The train came and an older man cut right in front of me and got on the train taking the last open “priority seat”.   But no worries, a woman couldn’t jump up fast enough to offer me her seat.  I thanked her and sat down (feeling a little guilty but slightly giddy).  Next stop, North Station.  I literally felt the sea of people part for me.  People would start to walk up the same steps or out the same door as me, then see the cane and immediately step aside.  Getting on the commuter rail was the next test.  There are priority seats at the end of each car.  I walked slowly through two cars waiting to see if anyone in one of those seats would offer to get up.  None of them did.  Then I passed a woman sitting in a two seater with her bag in the seat next to her.  I HATE people that do this and will always sit down and make them move their bag so today was no exception.  Again, at first she seemed annoyed but then she saw the magic cane.   She could not move her stuff fast enough.  But for some reason, she viewed the cane as an invitation to chat.   “Is that an iPhone?” (duh) “How’s that book?” (The Denis Leary book.  I told her it was great, which it is, but am quite sure she is going to go buy it and will be sufficiently mortified.  Score one for the gimp!)  “I like your mittens.” (seriously??)  We got to the station and I limped across the street sure the a$$hole drivers around here would plow me over, but alas, I made it safely to my car with the help of Mr. Cane.  It wasn’t as exciting as Tyra Banks and her fat suit, but it was certainly interesting to see how people react to something as simple as a cane.  

And then I got home to discover a giant package in the garage which contained a gorgeous orchid.  It was from a vendor I work with thanking me for all my hard work on a recent project.  COME ON!!  I work in such a thankless industry filled with self important people that to get something like that is so unexpected. And the fact that it was from the record label of one of the guys in a little band called the E Street Band only added to the excitement. Now if Ilana will please advise as to how I’m supposed to keep this thing alive, that would be great.


7 Responses to “random acts of kindess”

  1. lisa Says:

    great story! When I was preggers with Patrick we took the two big boys to Disney World. I had some complications so ended up having to use a wheel chair. I was amazed at how ignorant some people were. It was bearable only because I knew I could get up any time I wanted, but it gave me a whole new appreciation for those that can’t!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say…good luck with the knee thing!

  3. christina Says:

    I’m sorry, what does “borrow me” mean?? Is that some colloquial from MN situation?

    Hope your knee surgery goes well. Speedy recovery! xo

  4. nashsmom Says:

    Perhaps you could lend me your proof reading services.

    And now after re-reading I realized I missed the “N” in “Kindess” too. Oh, I am a mess…..

  5. Paula Says:

    I hate the men who try to act like they don’t see the older/pregnant/disabled/you name it women who are waitnig for a seat. seriously, when did acting like a gentleman go the way of the 8 track tape?

  6. Sarah Says:

    Glad to contribute to the social experiment! I had some similar experiences when I used a cane the last time for my hip surgery recovery when I was living in NYC. Everyone’s used to seeing a young person on crutches; it means injury, then recovery. But the cane was completely different. I was 25 at the time, and people didn’t think it meant injury because there was no cast or wrap. They generally thought the cane indicated a disability, and they were usually kind, but it was interesting to see how people behaved. People were DYING to ask questions. Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn’t. Good luck tomorrow, M. I’ll be thinking about you! xoxo s

  7. Ilana Says:

    Oh, shit. A shoutout and I totally missed it. I’m sorry. We’ve just finished our annual appeal, I’ve been up to my ass in paper and late nights (seriously, all the work of Ryko with a third of the pay. I love nonprofit life.) I’ll call. I’ll write. I’ll send a telegram.

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