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For the love of god, no more cake and pizza! November 23, 2008

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Yesterday I did the unthinkable.  I attended two birthday parties in one day.  I field the invites and as a rule, I limit the parties to one per weekend, max.  So weeks ago when he got Chole’s invite to her party at Pump It Up, of course Nash wanted to attend so I RSVP’d.  But then a couple of weeks ago he got invited to HER birthday.  Miss Elizabeth, the most beautiful girl in the school.  The one he gets goofy around.   It was on the same day, but at a different time so technically, we could do both.  And really, how could I say no?  

Of course if you are going to the girl you looooove’s birthday, you have to find the perfect gift, right?  I asked him to ask her what she likes.  He tried, but couldn’t because he was “too nervous”.  So a few e-mails to the mom and one of her neighbors, I discover she is NOT about the Hannah Montana and High School Musical, but more into books and crafts.  Sounds easy, right?  45 minutes in Target back and forth between the toy, book, craft and departments we finally settled on a blank pop up book that she can create her own story in, a snow globe that you can add your own photo into the middle (and don’t think there wasn’t a conversation about putting a photo of himself in there before giving it to her) as well as a pretty letter “E” and blue bell with a glass snowman attached to it.  Whew.  

The party was at the pool on an Air Force base about 40 minutes away.  The whole family went because we don’t typically get invited to go to high security locations like this and were both intrigued.  I’m pretty sure it was the first kid’s birthday party that required showing our ID.  It was amazing to see this little gated “city” with a school, grocery store, movie theatre, etc.  We found the pool (just past the bowling alley) There was swimming, pizza, more swimming, cake, more swimming, then FINALLY presents.  Nash skipped the second and third round of swimming and wanted to get changed into his “handsome shirt” that he insisted on bringing.  Elizabeth’s mom was kind enough to drag her daughter out of the pool so Nash could give her his present.  It looked something like this:


I love how he was trying to be all cool with his hand in his pocket.  She seemed to like the gifts and said thank you to Nash then turned to her mom and asked if she could go back in the pool.   I thought he would be a little crushed, but was fine and we left shortly after.

Party #2 was at 6:00 and guess who showed up?  That’s right, TWO parties with Elizabeth in one weekend.  Oh he was thrilled.

And me?  I managed to sneak out of party #2 to go grocery shopping.  I offered to pick up some butter for Matthew’s mom in exchange for her keeping an occasional eye on my kid.  (what a bargain!)  And with my arsenal of newly acquired food, I am (you better sit down, mom) making soup, cooking a roast in the crock pot AND making mini pies in the toaster oven because the big oven is out-of-order.   I picked up 8 movies from the library, have Gossip Girl, Grey’s and Lipstick Jungle saved on the DVR, the latest US Weekly, Vogue, W and Entertainment Weekly as well as a new book ready and waiting for my return from the hospital tomorrow.  I’m kinda looking forward to just laying on the big bed for a couple days.  Now I just have to find a bell……


3 Responses to “For the love of god, no more cake and pizza!”

  1. Jen W Says:

    Ah young love. He did look cool as a cucumber with his hand in his pocket. That is a pretty smooth move!

  2. christina Says:

    as cool as Wooderson with the hs girls!

  3. Lisa Says:

    I hope Miss E realizes what a catch he is! I like to think I had just a little something to do with bringing the two love birds together.

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