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Happy Birthday to me December 27, 2008

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  It was one year ago that I started this whole blog thing.  181 posts and nearly 20,000 visitors later  (Seriously.  But most of those were courtesy of Jonas Brothers fans from all over the world.   Long story…) and I’m still here and digging this whole thing.  I much prefer this little corner of the internet over Facebook or  Twitter.  Perhaps because it’s all mine and the only visitors (besides said Jonas Brothers fans) here are people I genuinely dig and like to virtually “hang out” with.  It’s impossible to have all those lunch or coffee dates or the highly coveted girls night out, so pals old and new check in and if I’m lucky you leave a comment and that always makes me smile.   Plus I love having a place to get things off my chest and vent about everything from people who don’t cut that “X” off the vent of their new coat to how much I hate voice activated customer service.  So thanks for reading.   Really.  It makes this whole thing a little less pointless and a lot more fun.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me”

  1. Jen W Says:

    Congrats on your blogiversary 🙂

  2. lisa Says:

    Happy Birthday! (Do you really want two birthdays a year??) My internet experience just wouldn’t be the same without you!

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