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Best of 2008 December 31, 2008

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It seems like the thing to do on the last day of the year is to come up with a list of highlights and favorites of 2008.  I find my brain a bit dusty and can hardly remember what happened yesterday let alone 10 or 11 months ago, but here goes…..

Highlight of the year:  That’s easy –   O-BA-MA!  The painfully long campaigning was all worth it for the moment the new first family took the stage in Chicago’s Grant Park.  I still get goose bumps just thinking about it.



Favorite drink: Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light with Immunity Boost.  It’s a scary red color that stains my kitchen counter if I spill it, but soooo worth it.

Favorite snack:  Trader Joe’s vanilla mini-meringues.  One calorie each and impossible to stop eating.  Interventions may be necessary.

Favorite book -fiction:  The Art of Racing in the Rain.  Kudos to my mom for recommending this one.  

Favorite book – non-fiction:  Bumping Into Geniuses by Danny Goldberg.   A view from inside the music biz like no other.

Album of the year:  Kid Rock – Rock N Roll Jesus.  Cousin Lori was right.  This guy is a real rock star.  It just took a while for me to get it.  

Song of the year: “So What” – by Pink.  OK, really Nash’s favorite but when you hear a song 700 times it kinda grows on you.

Favorite TV shows:  The Office, 30 Rock, Weeds, Damages, Dirty Sexy Money, Californication,  True Blood, Gossip Girl…. (sadly, I could go on).

Favorite Place:  The Library.   I know, so obvious, right?  But seriously, it’s like Amazon, Netflix and iTunes for free!  I feel like I’m in a secret club that only a handful of people know about.  Today we checked out 4 books about tornadoes and a stack each of Charlie Brown movies and Charles Shultz books.  All phases that will last approximately 2 weeks.  Perfection.  And did I mention the free part?

Favorite Download:  iPhone Apps.  From Shazam to More cowbell, I love them all!  And they’re perfect for Nash when stuck in a waiting room or in traffic.  Nothing like popping bubbles or shaking a Target snow globe to pass the time.

Favorite local team:  Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics!

Favorite Website:  Cake Wrecks.  This one is worth reading from beginning to end then bookmarking and checking daily.  Cracks.  Me.  Up. 

Favorite Movie:   Sex & The City.   This is the only movie besides Wall E, Speed Racer and Tale of Despereaux  that I can even remember seeing in a theatre this year.  Plus I saw it with Ms. Picket and there were cocktails and girly talk after so, duh.

Happy New Year to all!!!


4 Responses to “Best of 2008”

  1. lisa Says:

    Great post! I LOVE cakewrecks…laugh-out-loud-giggly-my husband-thinks-I’ve-lost-my-mind funny!

  2. Jen W Says:

    I never visited Cake Wrecks until I read your post. You are right. It is hilarious and forever more on my favorites list!

  3. Lori Says:

    I said AMEN!

  4. darcy Says:


    that’s what I learned.

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