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I’d like to thank the academy January 22, 2009

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My poor little head is about to spin off.  I have so many thank-you notes to write, ventings to vent, errands to run, photos to upload, video to transfer,  blogs to post and, oh yeah, tend to that little job I have.  But my life is still going 99 mph I can’t fathom when I will possibly ever get everything done.  So this is either my “to do” list or an attempt to conquer all in one post….

To my precious little Nash, thank you for being such a perfect angel on our trip to Minnesota.  You were so well behaved I was shocked (sorry, I really was).  I was so proud to have you with me at your great-grandma Evie’s funeral and like I told you, one day you will understand how important it was.   And leaning over during the service to ask me if Grandma Evie was in heaven now?  Wow.  And also, how’s handsome??


To my pal Paula, you are  a true friend.   You took me to the busiest Super Target in Minneapolis at noon on a Saturday, let my kid snoop around your house and eat three, count ’em, THREE oranges and then drove me out to Stillwater in snow flurries.  Thank you.  You are always there for me and take great care of me.  Plus showing up at the airport in the exact same super long puffy coat that I was wearing? (Michael Kors with a faux fur trim hood – holla!)  Just shows you have excellent taste to boot!

Chuck, Jamie, Lindee, Frances, Maeve and Roy.  I truly love you guys.  Every time I see you it makes me realize how much I miss living closer to you.  I am beyond envious of your neighborhood and the way the kids all get along and come and go.  And to have a perfect kid sized hill in your backyard where the kids can go sledding while you stay warm and just watch out the window?  I think I would have bought the house based on that alone!  Thanks for sending this pic, Jamie.  Nash was in heaven!


Thank you for feeding me, giving us a place to crash, driving me to the hotel and mostly just for some good old fashioned chillin’.  

Thank  you to cousins Tiana, Tyler and Summer for swimming with Nash in the pool for hours on end (and for letting him win some of the races).  Marco!  Polo!

Thank you to my brother Rick for always amazing me.  You may be tough on the outside, but I saw a sensitive side of you over those two days that made me realize how much really I love you.  There was a moment when you were holding Nash up in the air and the way you were looking at him and the way he was looking at you nearly brought me to tears (OK, it IS bringing me to tears right now just remembering it) .  And also for never getting tired of being “BOOed”.  

To my cudbox Shelli.  You are a smart, beautiful and  funny woman.  I should hate you but alas, I love you like a sister.  Thanks for making me laugh.  You really helped to make the whole “event” kinda fun. You’re the first person  I’ve ever shared a cab with to have brunch at a Perkins.  We know fine dining!   Can’t wait to see the last 90 minutes of Secret Life of Bees…

And mom.  Mom, mom, mom.  I can’t pretend to know how hard these last few months have been.  But you did everything perfectly.  I admire you so much for your grace and strength. It was hard to find words to share, but just being there and holding your hand says a lot without words between a mother and a daughter.  I love you so much.

And my dad.  You give mom so much love and support.  You are always there when we need you and have been such an anchor for the family.  I love you more than I tell you.

And GAJ (great aunt Jan).  For helping mom plan the perfect send off for an amazing woman.  Every detail was perfect from the Swedish flag in the flowers down to the last ham bun.  And the collages were incredible.  A history lesson for me and perfectly outlined the incredible life of grandma.  

And to my whole family for making something sad into a bit of a party.  It was like living in a college dorm room.  Roaming the halls to see which room had the best snacks, drinks, games, etc.  For those that weren’t there,  you were missed (and talked about!).  The reason we were all there was a sad one, but we celebrated  by being together and I think we did our Evie proud.

I’d also like to give a shout out to Gabe at the Residence Inn for putting up with my family’s shenanigans which included, but are not limited to, racing luggage carts down the hallway, throwing snowballs in the swimming pool, locking ourselves out of the bathroom and camping out at the breakfast buffet.   And after all that what do you do?  Bake us cookies.  Seriously?   I think I could live there.


And I returned home to Massachusetts to this:


And you thought Minnesota had all the snow.  Ha! Wrong!

Ok, now on to the other things on the list……


4 Responses to “I’d like to thank the academy”

  1. Shelli Says:

    waaaa – And I thought today would be the day I’d keep my mascara from streaking!

    Love you too cuz,


  2. Mom Says:

    Sniff,Sniff I should have never read this at work. Good thing no one else is here today. What great words you put together for everyone. And, I thank you and Nash for being there. It meant alot to me and I’m sure Grandma Evie too.
    Love you muncho!!!

  3. Jen W Says:

    What a great way to thank your family and friends. Sounds like you are surrounded by love. What a blessing!

  4. darcy Says:

    Sigh. Sob. Loved it.

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