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Dare to be different January 29, 2009

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When Nash was in pre-school, pretty much all the little boys liked the same things – dinosaurs, trucks, trains, race cars, etc.  Pretty basic stuff.  Maybe there was one kid that liked something way more than the others, but for the most part, any one of those things would be a hit at a play date.  But over the last couple years I’ve noticed that every one of Nash’s friends has a different passion.  Ben loves his Star Wars, Ryan loves his Pokemon, Max loves the ladies Batman and Kolya loves his politics.  All of you avid reader know that Nash loves his NASCAR and the Disney Cars movie.  However he recently discovered something “new” to be obsessed with that I’m pretty sure only a very small percentage of 6 year olds are obsessed with –  The Peanuts Gang.

1We have checked out every book and movie from the library and dude can not get enough of these guys.  Hours of research were done to figure out the name of the little girl in the plaid dress in Charlie Brown Christmas (Patty) and the Little Red Haired Girl (Heather).  And he refers to the girl in the back right of the above photo as the girl with “popcorn hair”.  He has memorized most of the dialogue and is constantly yelling for me to “come see this part, it’s sooo funny!”.  But his true passion?  The theme song.  He looooves this catchy little tune and when he hears it, he turns into a crazed dancing monkey.  Proof?  You got it:


7 Responses to “Dare to be different”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Dude has the moves! My little dude went through a short Peanuts obsession too, he could sing Hark the Herald Angel Sing just like them!
    As far as obsessions go…I’d take the Peanuts Gang over Pokemon any day!

  2. darcy Says:

    OMG! Snoopy is beloved in Picket’s house too. FINALLY. I even got a Spike sent (thank you ebay). And Ro is so Peppermint Patty. And the tune? The best wedding I ever went to? This is the song the bride and groom walked down the aisle too.

    Charlie Brown is kind of my hero and my spiritual leader. Me and Nash are made for eachother.

  3. Paula Says:

    dancing with the stars!

  4. Julie Says:

    HAHAHa…i love the gorilla-butt-punch move towards the end.

    xoxox, miss you!

  5. Kerri Altieri Says:

    My favorite is when he really breaks it down in the middle. He is so funny!

  6. christina Says:

    Nash is too cute, and what a great personality – I love him!

  7. Jen W Says:

    That is awesome! My kids love the Peanuts specials.

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