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a little something to tide you over February 25, 2009

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Forgive me faithful readers.  I have  been spent since returning from California and just have not had it in me to blog.  But the other day I discovered this website and thought I would throw this out to you as a little something something to entertain you momentarily.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you This Is Why You Are Fat (.com).


This tasty number is a McDonald’s Big Mac with cheese but with fried McChicken Patties instead of buns.

And here we have meat loaf wrapped in bacon and stuffed with mac & cheese:


And for desert?  How about a deep fried s’more?  On a stick, natch.


For more click here.  Makes me feel better about my Fruit Loop pizza!  Bon appetit!


California Dreamin’ February 18, 2009

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Greetings from California!  Just a quick post from the family vacation.  A certain someone refuses to adjust to the new time zone and as awesome as it is to have a sleeping child at 7 PM every night, it blows to be woke up at 4 (yes, FOUR) nearly every morning.   So now as I wait for the coffee place down on the dock to open, I shall blog.

We are having the best time on this trip.  We’ve been staying with one of my best friends, Jennifer (a/k/a Jenfrensen) in Santa Monica where she has been taking excellent care of us.  We’re being lazy while still doing our touristy thing.  Day one we headed  to Hollywood and being the geek I am, I wanted to check out the Kodak Theatre which is preparing for the Oscars.  And who did we run into “straight away” as Nash would say?  His hero:

snoopHe was way more excited than he looks in this photo, trust. me. We cruised Hollywood and checked out my old stomping grounds.  So much has changed since I lived here, but it was fun to see the old ‘hood and show Nash the Capitol Records building.   

Day 2 we had a play date with my friend Jennifer and her son Autry who is 6 months older than Nash.  It was so great to see them meet for the first time!  They had a fun day together but then Nash started to seem a bit out of it and clearly had a fever so off we went and he slept for about 14 hours.  After speaking with my pal Dottie from his doctor’s office, it was determined that he likely had a virus that has been going around (which he’s now brought to the West Coast – Sorry, JJ!) .  

So a shot of Motrin, lots of liquids and our boxes of tissues (did I mention that we’re all sick?)  we headed to San Diego for Day 3 – Sea World!  This was the single greatest family vacation day EVER!  We all just loved every single part of it.  There were hardly any  people and we could walk right up to the front of every exhibit.  We fed  and pet dolphins!  We fed sea lions!  We touched stingrays!   WE SAW MANATEES!!!   And, oh yeah, killer whales.  It was amazing, amazing, amazing.   We stayed until they kicked us out.  We even discussed going back today but I think today is zoo day.

That’s all for now.   More photos and stories when we return…..


Grammy Shmammy February 9, 2009

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I grew up never missing a Grammy show.  I lived for this night and still have a stack of VHS tapes that I’ll never watch again but refuse to throw away  from some of the great ones.  But over the last six years or so, I’ve lost a bit of interest and haven’t kept up with all the latest music, so it’s just not as fun to watch.  I still can’t tell the difference between T.I., T-Pain or Little Wayne.  (although this time I think I’ve got it – T.Pain has the big hat and gold grill on his teeth, Little Wayne needs to pull his pants up and T.I. is the other one….).   I have the same problem with Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruise so maybe I’m not as out of it as I am just getting senile.  

I just really expected so much more from everyone last night.  U2 opening should be triumphant but I thought it was just feh.  And the announcers just kept falling flat.  Whitney looked like Lisa Rinna channelling Tina Tuner.  And The Rock?  What the hell was he even doing there anyway?    

Thank God for Tivo because we were able to watch SNL and Catie Couric’s interview with Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger while recording the Grammy’s and then tuned in and skimmed through most of it.   But the show really  jumped the shark when Coldplay beat Kid Rock for Best Rock Album.  Seriously??   And what the hell was up with those jackets?  

And ladies, what were you doing on your due date?   I was home on my big bed playing Crash Bandicoot.  I could barely get up to pee.  M.I.A.?  She spent her due date bouncing around on stage wearing this:

Grammy Awards Press Room

Um, OK.  You go girl?  

And if it’s true that Chris Brown, a 19 year old with the freaking world at his feet and the most stunning girlfriend on the planet, actually HIT her.  Well, then the night is forever tarnished anyway.

My favorite part of the whole night was the 60 Minutes interview with Sully.  What a spectacular human being.   Top notch.  I’m almost embarrassed to mention his name in the same post as these yahoos.


On my mind February 2, 2009

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I try to Twitter, blog and  facebook, but I just can’t keep up.  I seriously don’t know where some of these people find the time and/or the words to do it all.  There’s plenty of material out there, but by the time I find the time to sit down and write, I just can’t do it.  So here’s a list of things I would like to discuss in greater detail if only I had the time, but I don’t so feel free to comment on any or all:

The Superbowl.  I watched NBC for over 7 hours yesterday.  The pre-game, the game (the game!), Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Hudson, the commercials, that last touchdown.  Wow.  My favorite commercial (besides the Pepsi Bob Dylan / Will.i.am spot)?  Glad you asked:


Octouplets.  Born to a single 33 year old mother who already has 6 kids at home?  Aye, yi, yi. 

Lisa Loeb got married this past weekend and I wasn’t invited.  Why?  Because she married the wrong guy.   See I tried to set her up with the guy who introduced me to my husband.  They had a few dates but she was a bit flakey and it just never worked out.  And he’s way better looking than this guy:


So no big celeb filled hollywood wedding for me.   (p.s. I don’t really know Miss Loeb, just her agent)

Michael Phelps photographed being a 23 year old smoking weed.   I give him a pass on this one but think the douche bag that’s taking pics like this and selling them to tabloids should be crucified. 

Alec Baldwin’s “date” at the SAG awards.  I thought he picked up some new ditzy arm candy somewhere:


Oh wait.  Wrong!  That’s his THIRTEEN year old daughter.  Jeez.  Really?  Thirteen??  Makes me glad to have a boy!

And my favorite, the mom jean debacle.  



Maybe not something I would have picked out for a  chili cook-off but for the love of god, leave the girl alone!

Honorable mention, the ebay auction for Jenny’s phone number, the infamous 867-5309.   Click here to bid now.   Auction ends Monday!