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On my mind February 2, 2009

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I try to Twitter, blog and  facebook, but I just can’t keep up.  I seriously don’t know where some of these people find the time and/or the words to do it all.  There’s plenty of material out there, but by the time I find the time to sit down and write, I just can’t do it.  So here’s a list of things I would like to discuss in greater detail if only I had the time, but I don’t so feel free to comment on any or all:

The Superbowl.  I watched NBC for over 7 hours yesterday.  The pre-game, the game (the game!), Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Hudson, the commercials, that last touchdown.  Wow.  My favorite commercial (besides the Pepsi Bob Dylan / Will.i.am spot)?  Glad you asked:


Octouplets.  Born to a single 33 year old mother who already has 6 kids at home?  Aye, yi, yi. 

Lisa Loeb got married this past weekend and I wasn’t invited.  Why?  Because she married the wrong guy.   See I tried to set her up with the guy who introduced me to my husband.  They had a few dates but she was a bit flakey and it just never worked out.  And he’s way better looking than this guy:


So no big celeb filled hollywood wedding for me.   (p.s. I don’t really know Miss Loeb, just her agent)

Michael Phelps photographed being a 23 year old smoking weed.   I give him a pass on this one but think the douche bag that’s taking pics like this and selling them to tabloids should be crucified. 

Alec Baldwin’s “date” at the SAG awards.  I thought he picked up some new ditzy arm candy somewhere:


Oh wait.  Wrong!  That’s his THIRTEEN year old daughter.  Jeez.  Really?  Thirteen??  Makes me glad to have a boy!

And my favorite, the mom jean debacle.  



Maybe not something I would have picked out for a  chili cook-off but for the love of god, leave the girl alone!

Honorable mention, the ebay auction for Jenny’s phone number, the infamous 867-5309.   Click here to bid now.   Auction ends Monday!


3 Responses to “On my mind”

  1. darcy Says:

    um?? i do know lisa.

    this has nothing to do with the brilliant stuff you wrote.

    i just felt i should get that out there.

  2. Ilana Says:

    Dag. We would have fun at the wedding.

  3. Jen W Says:

    Don’t even get me started on the Octuplets. Oy vey.

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