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Grammy Shmammy February 9, 2009

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I grew up never missing a Grammy show.  I lived for this night and still have a stack of VHS tapes that I’ll never watch again but refuse to throw away  from some of the great ones.  But over the last six years or so, I’ve lost a bit of interest and haven’t kept up with all the latest music, so it’s just not as fun to watch.  I still can’t tell the difference between T.I., T-Pain or Little Wayne.  (although this time I think I’ve got it – T.Pain has the big hat and gold grill on his teeth, Little Wayne needs to pull his pants up and T.I. is the other one….).   I have the same problem with Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruise so maybe I’m not as out of it as I am just getting senile.  

I just really expected so much more from everyone last night.  U2 opening should be triumphant but I thought it was just feh.  And the announcers just kept falling flat.  Whitney looked like Lisa Rinna channelling Tina Tuner.  And The Rock?  What the hell was he even doing there anyway?    

Thank God for Tivo because we were able to watch SNL and Catie Couric’s interview with Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger while recording the Grammy’s and then tuned in and skimmed through most of it.   But the show really  jumped the shark when Coldplay beat Kid Rock for Best Rock Album.  Seriously??   And what the hell was up with those jackets?  

And ladies, what were you doing on your due date?   I was home on my big bed playing Crash Bandicoot.  I could barely get up to pee.  M.I.A.?  She spent her due date bouncing around on stage wearing this:

Grammy Awards Press Room

Um, OK.  You go girl?  

And if it’s true that Chris Brown, a 19 year old with the freaking world at his feet and the most stunning girlfriend on the planet, actually HIT her.  Well, then the night is forever tarnished anyway.

My favorite part of the whole night was the 60 Minutes interview with Sully.  What a spectacular human being.   Top notch.  I’m almost embarrassed to mention his name in the same post as these yahoos.


4 Responses to “Grammy Shmammy”

  1. Paula Says:

    how can you not mention my boyfriend, robert plant – even tho the album came out a full year and a half ago – 3 televised wins and one non televised win – that was worth the show for me! and i thought the rev al green brought it – especially considering the last minute nature of the performance. miley cyrus however, needs to be stopped.

  2. Ilana Says:

    Oh, were there Grammys? *Yawn*

    By the way, it’s “Lil” Wayne. Cos the other way makes him sound…you know…small.

    Also, Penelope Cruz has Tom Cruise cooties that are visible from space and Salma Hayek makes me want to be a lesbian, that’s how I tell those two apart.

  3. Jen W Says:

    Watching MIA dance around was like watching a car crash. I kept wanting to look away, but I just couldn’t!

  4. Lisa Says:

    due date #1 walking around the mall hoping all that walking would do something!
    due date #2 watching the snow fall and hoping this baby would wait for the snow plow…he didn’t.
    due date #3 in labor, rocking on all fours on the soccer field because his brother had a game. Priorities you know.

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