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Waiting to exhale March 6, 2009

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Want to know why I haven’t blogged lately?   It’s because I’ve been holding my breath.  Waiting.   Waiting for spring, waiting for an inkling of good news on the economy, waiting for something brilliant to come to mind but mostly waiting to see if I will soon join the new “it” group of  unemployed Americans.

I’ve known for nearly a month that it was probably going to happen.  Rumors, theories, game plans were all discussed between friends/co-workers.  This week we found out it will definitely happen and that it will be fairly significant.   But these things apparently take time so actual layoffs won’t happen until next week.  So this week has been filled with discussions of why we’re sure we ‘ll be sent packing as well as reasons we think they’ll keep us.  These are discussions with friends. Real friends.   People I spend more time with during the week than my own family.   The thought of any of them leaving is just as devastating to me as the thought of me leaving.

So we wait.  We check the unemployment rates (50% of your salary but maxed at $628 per week), the Cobra rates (65% federal subsidy announced this week – Yeah!), read the blogs (um, bad idea), update our resumes (done), check job postings online (ha!).  

And even if we do survive, there will be “roll backs” to be more clearly defined at a later date.  oh boy!

So I wait.  I try to sleep.  I try not to worry.  I try to have hope.  I try to plan my dignified exit (if necessary).  I try to look at the positive side of suddenly having 50 more hours a week to myself.  (I’ll cook!  I’ll clean!  I’ll exercise!  I’ll get our home movies transferred to DVDs! ).  I try to convince myself that I’ll be fine.  I drive my husband and child crazy with all of the above.  Tonight I was opening my mail and opened an unknown bill and said out loud “What the heck is this?” to which Nash replied “What is it mom, did you get fired?”.  Clearly  I’m thinking out loud a bit too much…..

On the bright side of things, Nash was the high scorer last week in his basketball game (THREE points!!), my father-in-law and his longtime girlfriend called last night and asked us to “save the date” of August 14th… for their wedding!!  I got to take my husband out on a real date for his birthday this week sans child (happy birthday, dodes!).  And had a snow day on Monday (79.5 inches so far this winter).   Oh, and Chris Isaak is following me on Twitter.

So I will be continuing to hold my breath for another week or so and really looking forward to the exhale.  If you suddenly feel a big breeze, it might just be me.


One Response to “Waiting to exhale”

  1. Jen W Says:

    Ugh. I think everyone is holding their breath. Including me! I think that is all we can do at this point. Keeping my fingers crossed that you “make the cut” (in a good way, of course).

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