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Things to do in Vermont May 25, 2009

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Here are a couple of things to do at a cabin in the middle of nowhere Vermont:

Play with your light saber in the middle of a field:


Pretend the garden hose is your pee-pee:




Plot with your new best friend on the best way to catch the bear that has been seen in the neighborhood.   Apparently while the bear is busy eating the delicious soup (identified by a sign in case the bear wasn’t sure what it  was) you get him with the dish towel, Off and light saber.  Hey, whatever works.

soup sign                   soup

BTW, if you tell the nice officer you blew the red light because your son really, really, really has to pee, he might just let you go without a ticket.


Money CAN buy happiness May 17, 2009

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Nash has a relentless inability to sleep past 6 AM on the weekends as well as an inability to be anywhere in the house without someone else within hearing range of his voice.   Needless to say, it sucks.  So last night I bribed him.  I told him if he stayed in his room until 7:30, I would give him $5.  After he fell asleep, I put the following note in his room:


At 5:17 AM (not a typo) he came stomping up the steps to our bedroom.  I told him we had a deal and to go back down to his room and look for the note I left him.  He stomped back down and did not return until 7:43.   Bliss!!   He was very proud of himself and seemed genuinely excited about the Charlie Brown videos he watched.

I never thought I would see the day where 7:43 was “sleeping in” or that I would have to spend $5 to get it…..


It’s official. Hell has frozen over. May 14, 2009

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For any of you who have been to my house or know where my house is, you know about “The House” across the street.  The House was the bane of our existence even before it was The House.  Way back when it was just The Lot.  See, it wasn’t really even a lot.  There was this fence and below that, a couple of trees and marshland.  Other than that, just the harbor out to our friend the ocean which we had a lovely view of.   Then one day about 10 years ago a “For Sale” sign went up on the fence.  Huh?  Who would buy this worthless land?  You could never build on it….or could you?  Well apparently a man named Ken Gelpy thought he could.  He bought the land and we received the abutter notice that he wanted to build.  We attended city meetings, we objected and went door to door getting neighbors to sign letters.  Mr. Gelpy wanted to build a “little house” with a view of the ocean that he and his sick wife could live out their final days in.  After doing research, we found that he had built this same house with the same sad story about 5 times in the last several years in some of the neighboring cities.  He gets through the red tape, builds and sells.  So we fought.  We learned about wetlands and became advocates for the environment.  We learned about phragmites and their importance to wildlife.  We learned about 100 year storms and water levels.  We had plenty of support.  The city turned him down.  He appealed.  There was a process and he knew it inside and out.  Long story short (too late?) after a couple years of this, the city (or state) missed a deadline on filing some paperwork and he basically got his permit based on that misstep.   

And so he built.  They started by driving pylons or stilts into the marshland.  Then they started on The House.  The modest little house ended up being a 4 story house with a double garage.   All built on stilts.  On marsh.  By the ocean that has been known to flood more frequently than every 100 years.  They finished building The House the year Nash was born.  That was 2002.  The House has been for sale since they started building.  It’s changed hands numerous times.  They tried to convert it to condos.  It’s been basically empty with the exception of one owner that ended up living in the bottom floor with his family (in one room) because he had to sell his other home as he couldn’t keep up the double mortgage payments.  So many people thought they were going to get rich on this one but instead, I’ll bet over a dozen different people have taken a major bath on this one.

The real estate company changes every so often.  We would see the new agent out there that first weekend putting up the sign with a couple balloons looking ever so hopeful.  Then after a few weekends, they would skip the balloons and look a more and more disheartened with each passing week.  Enter another new real estate company’s sign would go up, or even better, the “for sale by owner”.  And there’s the occasional “sale pending” sign that’s usually replaced with the “for sale” sign again within a couple of weeks.  

But yesterday I looked outside across the street and saw something I haven’t seen in the seven years it’s been there:  SOLD.

The original price tag was  –  wait for it  –  $1.3 MILLION dollars.  There was an offer at one point early on for $1 million and they turned it down.  I’m dying to know what it finally sold for in this economy and will research and report back.    I’ll also study the new occupants and try to come up with a name to add to our growing list of neighbor names.  I’m thinking “stupid idiots” but if they got a $1 million house for significantly less, maybe they’re not so stupid.  But they’re still blocking my view of the ocean so I’ll still hate them.  Just sayin’…..


mmmm mmmmm good! (…..or not) May 11, 2009

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I was flipping through Grandma’s cookbook again and found a recipe that made me laugh out loud and I decided that I just HAD to try it:


Tuna.  Check.

Peas. Check.  (I actually only had frozen ones so bought some canned to make sure I got the intended coloring of the dish)

Cream of Mushroom & Cream of Chicken soup. Check and check. (I’m from the Midwest so these are staples in my pantry.  Really.)

FIVE cups of Rice Krispies.  Check.

I had Nash mix it all together….




Then baked until bubbly and voila!


At this point I took a tiny taste.   I have to say I was hoping the “crisp” would have stood out more but alas, it was pretty much salty muck.  


I was going to just throw it out but my dear husband told me to save it because he might want more.   Not sure if he was trying to be nice and didn’t realize this was just a blog experiment, but I’ll check the fridge later and find out.

Next up I think I might take a stab at Russian Cookies courtesy of Helen Yurista Jaroscak:


I don’t think I’ve ever been this proud of anything I’ve cooked.  You go, girl!


Happy Mother’s Day! May 8, 2009

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I got this from Nash this morning…..


Apparently my son thinks that I think he is crazy.  (I don’t)   And it’s awesome that he notes my love of Target.  And in case you missed my Twitter (are you following me??  Click on “nash’s mom on twitter” on the right side of the page to see my updates!) on this one, the thing that I apparently can’t stand is “Watching Portuguese”.  First off, I must say that I have absolutely no problem with this but find it hysterical – Nash likes to go in on the “set up” menu of his Charlie Brown DVDs and watch them in different languages.  He’s been on a Portuguese kick lately and seriously sits in front of the TV watching these videos that he knows by heart in English and thinks he can learn another language by watching them this way.  Gotta give him credit for trying.  So far he can count five (uno, dose, tres, cuatro ….. sound familiar??) and say Charlie Brown (um, “charlie” “brown”).   

And you know what?  I DO love it when he cudels with me!!  

Thank you, Nash!  I love you!!