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Keeping it Clean for Billy Mays June 29, 2009

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Of all the celebrity deaths over the past week, it was Billy Mays that hit me the hardest.   I’ve worked with a lot of celebrities and musicians over the years.  Mostly through their agents who convey the artist’s list of demands which are likely coming from the artists themselves so you get a pretty good sense of who the nice, easy to work with ones are and which are the high maintenance impossible-to-please celebs.

Last year I worked on a project for one of our clients and they wanted Billy Mays to star in the campaign.  I went through my usual resources looking for his agent or manager but came up with nothing.  I played detective and managed to track down his e-mail address.  I reached out to him and he immediately called me back.  He didn’t have an agent, manger, lawyer or anyone working for him.  He was a one-man show.  He was also straight shooter which I loved (being one myself) and we immediately bonded.  Commercial production and the infomercial world are two very different worlds.  I taught him all about ours and he taught me about his.  Every conversation I had with him lasted no less than 40 minutes.  He always had a story to share and he would tell me about his work, his family and his health.   He had recently lost 40 pounds (mainly from swimming) and had a hip replaced.  He had a young daughter that was the light of his life.   He was genuinely one of the nicest guys I had ever worked with.  When the paperwork was signed and I turned him over to the creative team, I made them all promise to be nice to him.  When we had that first conference call introducing him to the team, they all expected the yelly guy from TV, but instead they got my sweet little Billy Mays.  Within moments I could tell they would soon feel the same way I did about him.  

When production time came around and he found out I wasn’t going to be at the shoot, he was genuinely disappointed.  (I never get to actually go so it never occurred to me to mention it)  I made the producer promise to take extra special care of him (which he did).  When I tried to arrange his travel, he said he would just book it himself and just send me receipts.  When I arranged for a car service, he said don’t bother – he would just take a cab (I made him take the car).   Everyone loved working with him and he had a wonderful experience himself.  Everyone was happy and we made some great commercials.  Here’s one of them:



When I opened up my computer Sunday and saw an e-mail with the subject “Billy Mays”, I never in a million years thought the message would say that he died.  I just kept repeating “What?  What??  What???” until I finally turned to my family and uttered the words “Billy Mays is dead”.   And then I started crying.  (like I am again right now)  Both my husband and Nash knew what a nice guy he was because I had told them repeatedly.  And even though Nash had no idea who Michael Jackson was, he knew who Billy Mays was.  And he was a little sad too.

I still can’t believe it.  My heart goes out to his family, especially that little girl that he loved so much.

Rest in peace, Billy.  You were a first class act and you’ll be missed.

billy mays


Happy Birthday, Dear Nash

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Nash is SEVEN years old today!!  Not sure how that is possible, but apparently it is.  For you loyal readers, you know that every year I jam Nash into “the chair”.  This year was no exception so – drumroll please………..here it is!


For any newbies out there, click here for the history of the chair.  

The key to a monster birthday celebration is to have it on a Monday.  We started on Friday by heading up to Loudon, NH to see a little NASCAR.  It was practice day and very small crowd, no traffic, etc.  We were there for 1.25 hours and Nash left thrilled!  We watched a few laps, he saw his favorite drivers, we “shopped” and found a few cars that he didn’t have, ate some junk food then hit the road.  Everyone was happy.  And about 15 minutes after we left, it started raining and there was a massive lightning storm.  So sitting out in the open on giant aluminum bleachers not exactly the place you want to be so we were glad we got out of there when we did.  Next we drove by a Home Depot and found this photo op:

home depot nascar

Nash was giddy and even more giddy that this was the winning car at the race on Sunday!  

We spent the rest of the day “toy hunting”.  Some call it shopping but in our family, it’s called hunting.  Don’t ask.

We then hit the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth for a delicious dinner and made it home around 8:45.   Long, fun-filled day for everyone.  Great birthday, right?  But wait!  There’s more!

Saturday was the 2nd annual Pump It Up birthday party.  Sweaty kids?  Check:

pump it up

Star Wars cake?  Check:


Awesome gifts?  Check:


And if that wasn’t enough, Sunday morning dad brought him to see the new Transformers movie.  We spent the rest of the day assembling Legos.  (whee!)

And yet TODAY is his actual birthday.  I’m exhausted and heading to work for a much needed break from it all.  (that’s a joke if my boss is reading this….)  Tonight we will go out for his favorite meal – sushi.  And then it will all be over until next year when his Birthday will fall on a Tuesday (yes, I checked) and perhaps we can scale it back to a one day event again.

But seriously, It was all worth it when he said it was the best birthday ever.   I love you, bear.  Happy Birthday!



Coming soon to a theatre near you June 11, 2009

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Nash has been coming home from school each day for the last couple weeks with stacks of paper for his “movie”.  He’s written pages of scripts and drawn hundreds of characters.  He’ll tell me he has no time for a snack because he has to get to work and will draw and write like mad for hours.  I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to the full content of this project until last night when I finally gathered all the pages from all over the house and put them in one big folder. 

Here’s a sample of his work:


Deth Crush

Deth Crush

I’m assuming this is the title card.  “Deth Crush – Epusod III”.  Awesome.  I’m not entirely sure, but I think that’s a hammer of some sort (or an axe??) crushing the R in Crush.   The blood is a nice touch, huh?  And also, how’s spelling?  (I kid, I kid!)

This next one is, I’m guessing, one of the many villains:


Talk about your short waisted villain.  And are those horns on his head?   He’s perfectly complete with the sinister laugh. HAHAHA!   And I know what your are thinking, but I know for a fact those are light sabers.  So get your mind out of the gutter.

I don’t know a whole lot about Star Wars, but I gotta think this is the good guy:

jedi_blogHe’s smiling, he’s got three hands (better to multi-task!) and clearly underwent some sort of surgery and had part of his legs sewn into his chest.   Not sure if that’s a cape, a horse head or a giant poo on his back, but either way, dude looks like he can totally  save my life.  My hero!

Can’t wait to walk the red carpet at the premier of this one.