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One more day…. July 26, 2009

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While the hubby has been off hobnobbing with rock stars, movie stars, toy industry executives and throngs of comic book geeks at Comic Con in California – and sending amazing photos and personalized messages to Nash from Charlie Brown:

I am left to attempt single parenthood for a few days.  

I could bitch and complain about how hard it is, but I gotta tell you, we’ve been having a great time.  Sure I’m exhausted and would love to have more than the average 45 minutes to myself each day but all in all, we’re doing just fine.  He’s been rolling with the mom-planned itinerary with few complaints.  I’m sprinkling fun in with the essential errands at just the right pace.   For example,  I took Thursday off from work because Nash had 3 appointments.  It went something like this:

Dentist – Target – hand-me-down drop off – speech therapist – oil change – go karting – lunch – movie (nash) nap (me) – hour drive to eye doc – eye doc – hour drive back – Trader Joe’s – McDonalds – dinner – rest of movie (nash) nap (me).

When I returned to work Friday and people asked if I had a fun day off, I would just start laughing.  

And how to get him out the door for camp the other days?  Simple, ask his best friend’s mom if you can drop him off at their house on the way to the train station and have her bring them to camp after a mini play date.  Easy peasy.

The weekend?  Again, simple.  A sleep-over with my BFF and her 5 year old son on Saturday.  First I bribed Nash with an early morning trip to Toys R Us if he would agree to get a hair cut (he likes it long).  Success!  AND we left TRU empty handed with no complaining.  (ok, we came home and bought some stuff on eBay instead.  Clearly runs in the family…)  Then Jamie and Kolya arrived and the kiddies ran off to play Legos and Jamie and I were left to just hang out and visit boy-free!  We broke up the day with a little  go-karting (which I think Jamie loved more than the boys)  and ice cream.   Dinner, drinks and girl talk until the wee hours followed.   Well, that was the plan, but a certain child, who shall remain nameless, refused to go to bed until his mama did.  So early to bed, early to rise…….

Today’s adventures included the musical Footloose at the theatre down the street.  Nash didn’t  love it as much as I hoped, but we had a good time.  Summer finally arrived and the humidity got the best of us so we headed to the pool.  The sign said it was closed but….

pool closed

We swam and discussed getting a swim mask vs. goggles:          mask

He said, and I quote “Mom, I don’t want to look like an idiot!”.  Of course not, darling.  Of course not.

goggle boy(for those wondering, the headband is to keep the water out of his ears….)

Next we hit the BRAND NEW park.  This place is amazing and has more spinny and crawly/climby things than I thought possible.  This spider web thingy was my favorite:


As fun as it’s been, we’re both more than ready for the return of daddy.  See you soon, dodes! xo


Wizards, a little slice of heaven and oh, a house full of teens July 20, 2009

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The weekend started with Nash’s best friend’s birthday party.  It was a Harry Potter theme and this mom put all other moms to shame with this one.  She’s been planning it for months (years??) and had more activities at this one party than I have planned for all seven of Nash’s parties combined.  The kids made wands, they shopped from their Hogwart’s list at the store for their school supplies, they made potions from bone dust and then everyone put on their swimsuits and had a balloon toss and hit the slip and slide.  She and a friend were dressed in full gear with capes and the works.  I won’t even mention the cake that would put Duff at Ace of Cakes to shame and the engraved party favors.  Here’s my little Harry…


Immediately following the party we jumped in the car and headed to my cousin-in-law’s place on a lake in New Hampshire.  It was spectacular.  A gorgeous house over looking the lake and mountains, a sunset boat ride, great food, drink and company.  It was just the three of us, the two of them, their two teenage sons and oh, TWELVE of the 18 year old’s closest friends.  That’s right.  FOURTEEN teen boys AND *gasp* girls.  All crashing in the big basement – community style.  They were all polite and called the hosts “Mr. & Mrs. A.” which I thought was adorable and respectful.  We stayed out of each other’s way for the most part (even though Nash was fascinated with said teenagers).  They all piled in their car(s?) and went into the little town for ice cream.  While they were gone, we had dinner and drinks and just hung out on the screened in deck, safe from bugs, until the sky was black.  The teens returned four (!) hours later from their “ice cream” run with the biggest case of the munchies I’ve ever witnessed.  They filled the kitchen and began cutting brownies, making plates of nachos and frantically filling containers with every snack they could find.  Two girls were desperately searching for a bag of salt and vinegar chips.  They weren’t on the table where they left them but hey, here’s another bag of chips.   Oh no.  “Those are sour cream & onion and we HAVE to have the salt & vinegar!!!!”   I thought about telling them we ate them, but I’m pretty sure they would have thrown me over the deck.  They were eventually tracked down and there was a squeal of delight as  they headed back to the basement with their armfuls of snacky food.  (10 minutes later one of the guys was back to make yet another plate of nachos, something I’m sure continued even after we went to bed)  It was interesting to see what we’ll be in store for in another 10 years.  (Eeek!)

After a few hours and not nearly enough sleep, Nash woke me up at 6:15.  I tried to get him to watch a movie and let me sleep a bit more, but alas, no luck.  So we headed for the beach at 7 AM.  Me, Nash, 2 ducks and 1 loon.  It looked something like this:


We spent the entire day on the beach.  We swam, we kayaked, we boated, we sailed, we built sand cities, we entertained 4 dogs, we ate, we drank, we talked, we had an a-maz-ing time.   Eventually we had to drag Nash away from the beach and hit the road.  He wanted McDonald’s but  fell asleep in the car 10 minutes after we left.  He woke up when we were almost home and said “are we at McDonald’s yet?”.  And we were – but now we were 10 minutes from our own house.  

I piled the wet, sandy laundry near the basement door, but couldn’t bring myself to get it down the stairs.  We covered ourselves in aloe lotion and fell fast asleep.   Short, sweet but perfect weekend.


Mass Julius July 17, 2009

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(I’m just going to pretend it hasn’t been 3 weeks since I last posted…..)

For those of you that know me (or are faithful readers from way back), you know I love Target.   I mean seriously head-over-heals-can’t-live-without love.   But we all feel the same way about Tar-jay so no need to go on.  

You probably know that I also love Paul Frank.  For those who don’t know him, he’s the guy that created this guy, Julius:


A little over 10 years ago while visiting L.A., I found myself in a hip little shop off Melrose Avenue and found this cute little blue coin purse with this adorable monkey face on it.  I bought it and proceeded to become obsessed with all things Paul Frank and thanks to eBay, started a mad collection.  But as much as I love my online ordering, going to a Paul Frank store or even finding PF goods at Nordstrom or Newbury Comics was sheer bliss.  It’s always better to see stuff in person, right?  

SO, imagine my surprise when I walked into Target yesterday and saw this:

jk8JULIUS in TARGET!!    

Now I can just walk into my favorite store on earth and browse one of my favorite designers right here in my ‘hood.  It appears to be slowly rolling out.  The Target I was at yesterday only had things for little girls.  But it looks like more kids and infant stuff is rolling out as well as some jammies for me and some bags, umbrellas, bikes, and I’m sure more surprises. 

 And the best part?  It’s Target prices.  The $25 kids shirts are now $7.99.

I can hardly stand it.  If you need me, I think you know where I’ll be….