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One more day…. July 26, 2009

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While the hubby has been off hobnobbing with rock stars, movie stars, toy industry executives and throngs of comic book geeks at Comic Con in California – and sending amazing photos and personalized messages to Nash from Charlie Brown:

I am left to attempt single parenthood for a few days.  

I could bitch and complain about how hard it is, but I gotta tell you, we’ve been having a great time.  Sure I’m exhausted and would love to have more than the average 45 minutes to myself each day but all in all, we’re doing just fine.  He’s been rolling with the mom-planned itinerary with few complaints.  I’m sprinkling fun in with the essential errands at just the right pace.   For example,  I took Thursday off from work because Nash had 3 appointments.  It went something like this:

Dentist – Target – hand-me-down drop off – speech therapist – oil change – go karting – lunch – movie (nash) nap (me) – hour drive to eye doc – eye doc – hour drive back – Trader Joe’s – McDonalds – dinner – rest of movie (nash) nap (me).

When I returned to work Friday and people asked if I had a fun day off, I would just start laughing.  

And how to get him out the door for camp the other days?  Simple, ask his best friend’s mom if you can drop him off at their house on the way to the train station and have her bring them to camp after a mini play date.  Easy peasy.

The weekend?  Again, simple.  A sleep-over with my BFF and her 5 year old son on Saturday.  First I bribed Nash with an early morning trip to Toys R Us if he would agree to get a hair cut (he likes it long).  Success!  AND we left TRU empty handed with no complaining.  (ok, we came home and bought some stuff on eBay instead.  Clearly runs in the family…)  Then Jamie and Kolya arrived and the kiddies ran off to play Legos and Jamie and I were left to just hang out and visit boy-free!  We broke up the day with a little  go-karting (which I think Jamie loved more than the boys)  and ice cream.   Dinner, drinks and girl talk until the wee hours followed.   Well, that was the plan, but a certain child, who shall remain nameless, refused to go to bed until his mama did.  So early to bed, early to rise…….

Today’s adventures included the musical Footloose at the theatre down the street.  Nash didn’t  love it as much as I hoped, but we had a good time.  Summer finally arrived and the humidity got the best of us so we headed to the pool.  The sign said it was closed but….

pool closed

We swam and discussed getting a swim mask vs. goggles:          mask

He said, and I quote “Mom, I don’t want to look like an idiot!”.  Of course not, darling.  Of course not.

goggle boy(for those wondering, the headband is to keep the water out of his ears….)

Next we hit the BRAND NEW park.  This place is amazing and has more spinny and crawly/climby things than I thought possible.  This spider web thingy was my favorite:


As fun as it’s been, we’re both more than ready for the return of daddy.  See you soon, dodes! xo


One Response to “One more day….”

  1. Paula Says:

    I was wondering if jeff went to the comic land – did he see johnny depp?????

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