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my little boy, he’s all grows up August 16, 2009

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I have been waiting years for this post and am thrilled to finally report that Nash has lost his first tooth!


It’s been wiggly for weeks and he’s been nervously playing with it.  A friend recommended having him bite into a chunk of peeled cucumber (which really makes so much more sense than an apple, doesn’t it?)  It didn’t take it out, but got it close and it was just a few hours later when he came up to me and showed me his tooth.  I think he was in shock and wanted to be happy but then immediately started crying!  ‘It feels weird!’  ‘I don’t like the blood!’   He eventually got over it and this morning willingly posed for the above photo.  Plus the tooth fairy was pretty generous what with the long wait and all his friends that have been cashing in teeth for the past four years.  He actually put an unassembled Lego set under his other pillow in case the tooth fairy wanted to put it together for him.   Unfortunately the tooth fairy was too drunk tired so she just sorted the pieces out for him and mom and dad helped put it together in the morning.


2 Responses to “my little boy, he’s all grows up”

  1. Ann and Jim Says:

    I read this a couple of days ago, and got kind of sad and nostalgic about the little boy who is very grown up now. Sob, sob. Oh well, good for him. I guess Bampa doesn’t have to tie a string to the doorknob now!

  2. OH MY GOD!


    Kipp lost his first on our boat without me. I pulled Bridget’s from her face. Have no idea about Ro.

    Also: hat’s off! Congrats and what’s next for boys?

    Um. eek.

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