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Prom whores May 14, 2008

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Kevin and Bean brought this one to my attention today. Apparently this fine young thing was denied entry to her prom in this dress due to her “inappropriate attire”:

Where do you get such a train wreck of a dress? You make it yourself of course! She was all bullshit about being told she could not go in and was eventually removed in handcuffs (goes well with the dress if you ask me). So now she’s getting her 15 minutes of fame which is just pathetic. You can see the full interview here on CNN. And you know me, always one to catch the fine details, I watched and paused it on the document they showed briefly which outlines the “Prom Guidelines” for dress attire for the dance. Students needed to sign the document in order to attend. Here’s what she agreed to when signing the document:

  1. Only one inch of the midsection can be shown.
  2. Bare backs are acceptable.
  3. Slits in the dress can be no more than three inches above the knee.
  4. See through fabrics should not be in places which reveal private body parts.
  5. Proper undergarments must be worn.
  6. Tennis shoes of any kind are unacceptable.

Seriously?? I’m pretty sure at my prom none of these applied and the only potential issue would have been the tennis shoes for the boys. I think at one prom I wore a high necked Gunny Sack dress straight out of Little House On The Prarie and still wore granny panties underneath to avoid VPL. Sheesh. Leave a little something to the imagination!!


Things that made me laugh today March 6, 2008

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In no particular order…. 
Kevin and Bean trying to remember Sarah Jessica Parker’s name and someone from the show said “You know, the one that looks like a shoe.” 

This clip art that was part of the flyer from Nash’s school to help sell raffle tickets. The classroom that sells the most tickets wins a free pizza party. And apparently the pizza will first make you happy, then take you to a dark place that will make you angry. And then the back of your neck will explode.



A friend sent this pic of some college pals in Fargo during the awesome 80’s. It was taken at The Pearl. A Chinese restaurant with a buffet that featured iceberg lettuce and hush puppies. You wear your fancy sweater for them kind of eats!



Next, during a trip to the company mail room, I spotted this magazine: 


Fat? Tired? Why not boost your energy with these delicious bubblegum cupcakes! Being a fan of the bubblegum flavor (Lip Smackers BEST flavor ever!) I checked out the recipe for said cupcakes. It was on a page with the headline “6-Ingredient* Recipes”. Want to guess at what the 6 ingredient for Bubblegum cupcakes would be?

  1. Yellow cake mix. Check.
  2. Water. Check.
  3. Eggs. Check.
  4. Oil. Check.
  5. 1/4 tsp bubble gum extract. WTF?? I just looked for this online to confirm such a thing even existed. It does, but you can only get it from this guy who lives in a hut up in Canada and he only makes one bottle a year. (I’m kidding, mom)
  6. 1 container strawberry frosting. OK, I can maybe find this at that other grocery store….

I guess the gum balls don’t count as an ingredient, even though they really don’t work without them.If you’re an observant reader, you noticed that the headline included an asterisk. What do you think the asterisk referred to? The impossibility of finding bubble gum extract? The fact that there are more than 6 ingredients? Nope, * plus salt and pepper. Hopefully that’s referring to one of the other recipes……


Why is everyone wearing red??? February 24, 2008

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heidi_red.jpg miley_red.jpg anne_red.jpg ruby_red.jpg katherine.jpg helen.jpg julie.jpg

Don’t these stylists communicate at least some of the basics to avoid things like this? And for the love of god, will someone please buy Cameron Diaz a comb?



I really didn’t want to go there

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This is part of the new spring collection for Calvin Klein:


I see where’s he’s going with the neutral color, the clean simple lines, the popular (but almost always unflattering) high waisted trouser, etc. Nice. No complaints whatsoever.

But the print campaign is what I keep seeing and after seeing it for the third time, I simply have to comment:


Is that not the most gigantic camel toe you’ve ever seen???


So you’ve bought a new coat. Now what? February 6, 2008

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Before you wear it you’ll probably remove the price tag, right? But what about that little “X” stitched at the bottom of the vent in the back? Leave it?? Remove it?? 


Remove it! It’s stitched together so the hem will hang properly and look all nice and straight on the hanger in the store. But when you wear it, you want it to be free so the coat moves with you! I swear I see at least one of these every day. It makes me crazy!The next offender is seen a lot at the beginning of winter and after Christmas. 


The tag on the sleeve telling you what the coat is made of. Trust me NO ONE ELSE CARES! This is so when you are shopping you know if you are looking at wool or cashmere or whatever. I see this more on guys than girls, but it still amazes me that people would think this should be on public display.Just another thing that annoys me. Maybe I’ll start carrying a seem ripper with me…..


SAG Awards January 27, 2008

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OK. I really thought I could sit this out and keep my laptop closed but alas, I can not.

First, how freaking lucky are we that Ryan Seacrest called in sick for his red carpet duties on E!? I seriously have way too much of him in my life already and needed the break. Especially since he’ll be “hosting” the Superbowl next week. Enough already!!

Now Debra Messing. Everyone seemed to like her dress and I agreed….until I saw it straight on when she presented. If she had boobs it would have been fine, but it looked like the skin showing WAS her boobs. It’s like one of those things if you look at it just long enough, you’ll see it. Weird.


And she presented with Zac Efron who for some reason she decided didn’t need to talk. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he needs to, but she sort of shunned him as he was standing right there.

The most stunning woman in the room is Laura Leighton, Doug Savant’s wife who you could see sitting behind him in the intro when he spoke. Did you see her?? Smokin’ hot. **I was looking for a pic of said smokin’ hot wife. This is the photo of the TV of who I was sure was Laura Leighton as she was sitting right next to Doug. But then I found the next pic of her on the red carpet. Is this the same person?? Face – same. Hair – different. Jewelry- different. Dress – different. Does someone like Laura Leighton have a red carpet look and a different award show look? Someone please advise.

And duh, Angelina is soooo preggers. Did anyone else see her when she first arrived and stepped on the hem of her dress and nearly lost some booby?!

All the dresses are lovely. I think Ellen Pompeo might be my fav. Maybe even America Ferrera. And I always love how Marcia Cross uses her red hair as an accessory to her dress. Fabulous colors.
The only misses are Sandra Oh (as always) and Jane Krakowski who looked like she threw up lemons and limes (or perhaps olives) all over the front.

oh2.jpg vomit.jpg

I would like to send a comb to more than one celebrity as well.

And tell me the world wasn’t holding their breath through all the dead folks just waiting for Heath. Rest in peace, mate.


Ahhh, to be 15 again January 25, 2008

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Miley Cyrus. Miley, Miley, Miley. 15 years old and look at you.


So fresh and polished. Got yourself a TV show, record deal, lots of merchandising deals and a concert tour with tickets more coveted than Bruce Springsteen’s. Here you are in your $2,400 Michael Kors coat just hanging in NYC. Natch.

I remember 15. I was living a very similar lifestyle. Only I didn’t have a TV show. Or a record deal. Or a concert tour. But I was in marching band and we had a few parades that summer. I was making $3.50 an hour plus tips serving burgers at a little dive called The Red Hut. We even had a salad bar. Fancy. I had my own special look going…..


I saved for weeks to get this killer sweater for $17.99 from Vanity at the mall in Fergus. And believe it or not, I did my own hair. Ken Paves still hasn’t opened a salon in Battle Lake. WHATEVER.