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my little boy, he’s all grows up August 16, 2009

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I have been waiting years for this post and am thrilled to finally report that Nash has lost his first tooth!


It’s been wiggly for weeks and he’s been nervously playing with it.  A friend recommended having him bite into a chunk of peeled cucumber (which really makes so much more sense than an apple, doesn’t it?)  It didn’t take it out, but got it close and it was just a few hours later when he came up to me and showed me his tooth.  I think he was in shock and wanted to be happy but then immediately started crying!  ‘It feels weird!’  ‘I don’t like the blood!’   He eventually got over it and this morning willingly posed for the above photo.  Plus the tooth fairy was pretty generous what with the long wait and all his friends that have been cashing in teeth for the past four years.  He actually put an unassembled Lego set under his other pillow in case the tooth fairy wanted to put it together for him.   Unfortunately the tooth fairy was too drunk tired so she just sorted the pieces out for him and mom and dad helped put it together in the morning.


One more day…. July 26, 2009

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While the hubby has been off hobnobbing with rock stars, movie stars, toy industry executives and throngs of comic book geeks at Comic Con in California – and sending amazing photos and personalized messages to Nash from Charlie Brown:

I am left to attempt single parenthood for a few days.  

I could bitch and complain about how hard it is, but I gotta tell you, we’ve been having a great time.  Sure I’m exhausted and would love to have more than the average 45 minutes to myself each day but all in all, we’re doing just fine.  He’s been rolling with the mom-planned itinerary with few complaints.  I’m sprinkling fun in with the essential errands at just the right pace.   For example,  I took Thursday off from work because Nash had 3 appointments.  It went something like this:

Dentist – Target – hand-me-down drop off – speech therapist – oil change – go karting – lunch – movie (nash) nap (me) – hour drive to eye doc – eye doc – hour drive back – Trader Joe’s – McDonalds – dinner – rest of movie (nash) nap (me).

When I returned to work Friday and people asked if I had a fun day off, I would just start laughing.  

And how to get him out the door for camp the other days?  Simple, ask his best friend’s mom if you can drop him off at their house on the way to the train station and have her bring them to camp after a mini play date.  Easy peasy.

The weekend?  Again, simple.  A sleep-over with my BFF and her 5 year old son on Saturday.  First I bribed Nash with an early morning trip to Toys R Us if he would agree to get a hair cut (he likes it long).  Success!  AND we left TRU empty handed with no complaining.  (ok, we came home and bought some stuff on eBay instead.  Clearly runs in the family…)  Then Jamie and Kolya arrived and the kiddies ran off to play Legos and Jamie and I were left to just hang out and visit boy-free!  We broke up the day with a little  go-karting (which I think Jamie loved more than the boys)  and ice cream.   Dinner, drinks and girl talk until the wee hours followed.   Well, that was the plan, but a certain child, who shall remain nameless, refused to go to bed until his mama did.  So early to bed, early to rise…….

Today’s adventures included the musical Footloose at the theatre down the street.  Nash didn’t  love it as much as I hoped, but we had a good time.  Summer finally arrived and the humidity got the best of us so we headed to the pool.  The sign said it was closed but….

pool closed

We swam and discussed getting a swim mask vs. goggles:          mask

He said, and I quote “Mom, I don’t want to look like an idiot!”.  Of course not, darling.  Of course not.

goggle boy(for those wondering, the headband is to keep the water out of his ears….)

Next we hit the BRAND NEW park.  This place is amazing and has more spinny and crawly/climby things than I thought possible.  This spider web thingy was my favorite:


As fun as it’s been, we’re both more than ready for the return of daddy.  See you soon, dodes! xo


Happy Birthday, Dear Nash June 29, 2009

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Nash is SEVEN years old today!!  Not sure how that is possible, but apparently it is.  For you loyal readers, you know that every year I jam Nash into “the chair”.  This year was no exception so – drumroll please………..here it is!


For any newbies out there, click here for the history of the chair.  

The key to a monster birthday celebration is to have it on a Monday.  We started on Friday by heading up to Loudon, NH to see a little NASCAR.  It was practice day and very small crowd, no traffic, etc.  We were there for 1.25 hours and Nash left thrilled!  We watched a few laps, he saw his favorite drivers, we “shopped” and found a few cars that he didn’t have, ate some junk food then hit the road.  Everyone was happy.  And about 15 minutes after we left, it started raining and there was a massive lightning storm.  So sitting out in the open on giant aluminum bleachers not exactly the place you want to be so we were glad we got out of there when we did.  Next we drove by a Home Depot and found this photo op:

home depot nascar

Nash was giddy and even more giddy that this was the winning car at the race on Sunday!  

We spent the rest of the day “toy hunting”.  Some call it shopping but in our family, it’s called hunting.  Don’t ask.

We then hit the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth for a delicious dinner and made it home around 8:45.   Long, fun-filled day for everyone.  Great birthday, right?  But wait!  There’s more!

Saturday was the 2nd annual Pump It Up birthday party.  Sweaty kids?  Check:

pump it up

Star Wars cake?  Check:


Awesome gifts?  Check:


And if that wasn’t enough, Sunday morning dad brought him to see the new Transformers movie.  We spent the rest of the day assembling Legos.  (whee!)

And yet TODAY is his actual birthday.  I’m exhausted and heading to work for a much needed break from it all.  (that’s a joke if my boss is reading this….)  Tonight we will go out for his favorite meal – sushi.  And then it will all be over until next year when his Birthday will fall on a Tuesday (yes, I checked) and perhaps we can scale it back to a one day event again.

But seriously, It was all worth it when he said it was the best birthday ever.   I love you, bear.  Happy Birthday!



Coming soon to a theatre near you June 11, 2009

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Nash has been coming home from school each day for the last couple weeks with stacks of paper for his “movie”.  He’s written pages of scripts and drawn hundreds of characters.  He’ll tell me he has no time for a snack because he has to get to work and will draw and write like mad for hours.  I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to the full content of this project until last night when I finally gathered all the pages from all over the house and put them in one big folder. 

Here’s a sample of his work:


Deth Crush

Deth Crush

I’m assuming this is the title card.  “Deth Crush – Epusod III”.  Awesome.  I’m not entirely sure, but I think that’s a hammer of some sort (or an axe??) crushing the R in Crush.   The blood is a nice touch, huh?  And also, how’s spelling?  (I kid, I kid!)

This next one is, I’m guessing, one of the many villains:


Talk about your short waisted villain.  And are those horns on his head?   He’s perfectly complete with the sinister laugh. HAHAHA!   And I know what your are thinking, but I know for a fact those are light sabers.  So get your mind out of the gutter.

I don’t know a whole lot about Star Wars, but I gotta think this is the good guy:

jedi_blogHe’s smiling, he’s got three hands (better to multi-task!) and clearly underwent some sort of surgery and had part of his legs sewn into his chest.   Not sure if that’s a cape, a horse head or a giant poo on his back, but either way, dude looks like he can totally  save my life.  My hero!

Can’t wait to walk the red carpet at the premier of this one.


Things to do in Vermont May 25, 2009

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Here are a couple of things to do at a cabin in the middle of nowhere Vermont:

Play with your light saber in the middle of a field:


Pretend the garden hose is your pee-pee:




Plot with your new best friend on the best way to catch the bear that has been seen in the neighborhood.   Apparently while the bear is busy eating the delicious soup (identified by a sign in case the bear wasn’t sure what it  was) you get him with the dish towel, Off and light saber.  Hey, whatever works.

soup sign                   soup

BTW, if you tell the nice officer you blew the red light because your son really, really, really has to pee, he might just let you go without a ticket.


Money CAN buy happiness May 17, 2009

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Nash has a relentless inability to sleep past 6 AM on the weekends as well as an inability to be anywhere in the house without someone else within hearing range of his voice.   Needless to say, it sucks.  So last night I bribed him.  I told him if he stayed in his room until 7:30, I would give him $5.  After he fell asleep, I put the following note in his room:


At 5:17 AM (not a typo) he came stomping up the steps to our bedroom.  I told him we had a deal and to go back down to his room and look for the note I left him.  He stomped back down and did not return until 7:43.   Bliss!!   He was very proud of himself and seemed genuinely excited about the Charlie Brown videos he watched.

I never thought I would see the day where 7:43 was “sleeping in” or that I would have to spend $5 to get it…..


Happy Mother’s Day! May 8, 2009

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I got this from Nash this morning…..


Apparently my son thinks that I think he is crazy.  (I don’t)   And it’s awesome that he notes my love of Target.  And in case you missed my Twitter (are you following me??  Click on “nash’s mom on twitter” on the right side of the page to see my updates!) on this one, the thing that I apparently can’t stand is “Watching Portuguese”.  First off, I must say that I have absolutely no problem with this but find it hysterical – Nash likes to go in on the “set up” menu of his Charlie Brown DVDs and watch them in different languages.  He’s been on a Portuguese kick lately and seriously sits in front of the TV watching these videos that he knows by heart in English and thinks he can learn another language by watching them this way.  Gotta give him credit for trying.  So far he can count five (uno, dose, tres, cuatro ….. sound familiar??) and say Charlie Brown (um, “charlie” “brown”).   

And you know what?  I DO love it when he cudels with me!!  

Thank you, Nash!  I love you!!