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Huh? May 29, 2008

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I’m not sure which of these statements in the most bizarre:

  • Clay Aiken is going to be a dad.
  • He “lives” with the mother, but the statement released clearly states she was inseminated.
  • She’s producer David Foster’s sister.
  • He’s 29 and clearly gay and she’s 50.
  • Clay Aiken is going to be a dad. Seriously.

You say potato, I say crazy ass spider looking thing April 18, 2008

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Me and the kitchen. It’s just not a good mix. I’ve had people read my blog and think I’m kidding about not cooking or want to help me by sharing some “simple” recipes. Well, one day while shopping I clearly had the idea to bake a potato. I even kind of remember picking it out and thinking I could just microwave it and throw on a little salsa for a fancy little dinner. Clearly that was weeks and weeks ago because the other day I found this living in my cupboard:

Seriously, the legs on this thing were a foot long. Why do I even bother??


The ultimate peep show March 21, 2008

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Happy Easter!!



Huh? March 13, 2008

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I’ve just settled in for my TV watching this evening which always starts with Access Hollywood. Of course the top story is the Spitzer scandal and of course their main focus is the now famous hooker, Ashley Dupree. Apparently when her name was released today, her my space page got over 5 million hits before it was taken down. Then they showed a screen shot of Google Trends showing her as the #1 search. But what caught my eye was what I saw in the #2 spot – “woman stuck on toilet” . Umm, OK, I’ll bite. So I searched and found the story about a 35 year old woman from Kansas that has been stuck on a toilet in her boyfriend’s mobile home for TWO YEARS! Apparently he just thought 731 days would be too much so he called the authorities. I honestly don’t even know what to say. 
But now I’m on to America’s Next Top Model. The photo shoot is in the meat locker and they are wearing meat. Seriously, beef panties. Check it out: 



Waiting….. February 24, 2008

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While waiting for someone interesting to get their ass to the red carpet, I thought I would check out Yahoo’s most e-mailed photos of the week:

First we have a baby lemur. Awwwww. 


Next, um, Angelina after a very big meal or perhaps baby #5 for Brangelina? You decide: 



And of course the weird. Delicious grubs. Mmmmm…..




these are a few of our favorite things January 28, 2008

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Last night while I was searching our friend the internet for photos from the red carpet, I discovered an interesting feature on Yahoo News. It was called “Most Emailed Photos”. Well, that sounded interesting so I took a looksie through the slideshow and here’s what I found:

baby polar bear

Awwwww. A baby polar bear named Flocke from Nuremberg. (fyi, he’s not available for use with any advertisements, which I personally found fascinating) How can you not love this?

Next up, the newly crowned Miss America.

Miss America

The pageant took place at Planet Hollywood in Vegas, ’nuff said. But she’s got a hot body and looks like a real nice lady so I’ll give you this one too.

But seriously, this next one should just be in medical books, not being emailed around to all your friends. He’s got a 22 pound facial tumor. I don’t even know what else to say……

tumor guy

If you want to see what else is all the rage in emailed photos, click here.


Ahhh, Friday. January 18, 2008

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Here are a couple of perfect things for a Friday afternoon. Last night I laughed my ass off at this site that Chester Burley was nice enough to forward: http://www.sugarbushsquirrel.com/


Be sure to scroll all the way down to meet the owner. She’s something special.

And finally, this is just montage bliss: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1779898