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a little something to tide you over February 25, 2009

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Forgive me faithful readers.  I have  been spent since returning from California and just have not had it in me to blog.  But the other day I discovered this website and thought I would throw this out to you as a little something something to entertain you momentarily.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you This Is Why You Are Fat (.com).


This tasty number is a McDonald’s Big Mac with cheese but with fried McChicken Patties instead of buns.

And here we have meat loaf wrapped in bacon and stuffed with mac & cheese:


And for desert?  How about a deep fried s’more?  On a stick, natch.


For more click here.  Makes me feel better about my Fruit Loop pizza!  Bon appetit!


Get Crafty!* August 24, 2008

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Moooom, I’m bored.  

Ever hear those words?  Daily around these parts, even with a playroom that puts most Toys R Us stores to shame.  Well, whip out a box of tampons and check out this site TamponCrafts.com.

It’s loaded with all sorts of great ideas like this easy peasy ghost:


Or this fabulous turkey centerpiece for Thanksgiving:


Or amaze your friends with this pitch perfect pan flute!


A shout out to Bean who blogged about this site a while back on stronglywordedletter.com.  (Holla!)


*Go ahead and “ewww” me.  I was going to call this “Sunday Bloody Sunday”.  But I didn’t.  So there.


Zuma Nesta Rock August 21, 2008

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Ok, I have held my tongue on all the wacky celeb baby names that have come out over the past year.  I figure I named my kid Nash so who am I to judge?  But Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rosdale just topped them all with this one.  Zuma Nesta Rock??  WTF??  I can only guess that this is where the little guy was conceived.  On ZUMA beach near a ROCK and now they’re adding him to their NESTa?  Whatev.  Maybe Pilot Inspector (Jason Lee’s son) or Levi and Miller Light (Matthew McConaughey’s son and nephew) will come over for a play date.


Oh, Barney August 1, 2008

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Today’s activity that involved getting dressed in more than a swimsuit was taking Nash horseback riding.  I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, Nash or his horse Barney……



More dialogue with a six year old July 19, 2008

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I don’t want to give away any surprises for potential upcoming posts, but Nash is going to be in a parade next weekend and he’s wicked excited.  In preparation for the event he wanted to establish some rules for decorating the vehicle that he will be riding in/on (yes, I am already stressed that he wants to ride ON not IN).  He got out his whiteboard (clearly channeling Tim Russert) and asked me how to spell a couple of words, but then this happened: 

Nash: How do you spell “Hast”?

Me: What do you mean “Hast”?  What’s the sentence?

Nash: Like “It hast to be on a car chair”

Me:  Oh, that’s actually two words “has” “to” be on a car chair.

Nash:  No it’s not, it’s just “hast”.

Me: Um, no.  I’m pretty sure you mean “has to”.

Nash (looking at me like I’m certifiably insane): Then YOU write it.

So I did.  

So for those of you getting ready for the parade, please note that first you have to draw on a piece of paper and next it hast to be on a car chair.  Duh.


“i feel like i deserve to be here more that midget mac or nibblz” July 13, 2008

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That was a quote from Brandi C. on I love Money, VH1’s new train wreck that I’ve gotten myself sucked in to.  Just when I thought they had come up with everything, they’ve gone green and recycled.  They’ve taken 15 of the “best” rejects from three different looking-for-love shows (Flava Flav, Brett Michaels and New York – ‘nuf said) and brought them on a new show, in a new house, with a new prize – $250,000 cash money.

The season preview looks to be every bit as addictive as Rock Of Love was for me.  The mix of people range from cocky, slutty, ditzy, mildly retarded to just plain insane.   With names like 12 pack, Heat, Mr. Boston, Pumkin, Rodeo and Toastee (and of course the already mentioned Midget Mac and Nibblz) I think I’ve found my summer guilty pleasure.

Oh, and you’ll be glad to know that “Whiteboy” DID pick Brandi C and **spoiler alert**  Midget Mac was sent packing.


oh. my. god. June 26, 2008

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In a day filled with headlines of escaped convicts, guilty verdicts and celeb splits the big breaking news is not out of Boston or Hollywood today, but from my mom straight out of my hometown of Battle Lake, Minnesota (remember B.L.??)

So who do you think shows up for a week of vacation?  On MY lake?  Eating pizza at MY pizza place (where I used to waitress)?  O.J. freaking Simpson.  Seriously.  Turns out his girlfriend of 12 years is from Fergus Falls and her brother has a place on Ottertail Lake so they came out for a visit.  Oh, and to meet her dad because O.J. HAD NEVER MET HIM.  Who dates someone for TWELVE years and doesn’t meet her dad?  Or maybe dad didn’t want to meet him because of the whole killed-his-ex-wife thing.  Hard to picture O.J. driving by my folks place on his way to Zorbaz.  It’s just weird.  My last “brush” with O.J. was sitting at table next to his table at the Ivy back in my L.A. days.  And I thought that was kinda weird.  Too bad the Beaver Trap is closed.  I bet he would have liked that place. 

Click here for the full story.