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Mass Julius July 17, 2009

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(I’m just going to pretend it hasn’t been 3 weeks since I last posted…..)

For those of you that know me (or are faithful readers from way back), you know I love Target.   I mean seriously head-over-heals-can’t-live-without love.   But we all feel the same way about Tar-jay so no need to go on.  

You probably know that I also love Paul Frank.  For those who don’t know him, he’s the guy that created this guy, Julius:


A little over 10 years ago while visiting L.A., I found myself in a hip little shop off Melrose Avenue and found this cute little blue coin purse with this adorable monkey face on it.  I bought it and proceeded to become obsessed with all things Paul Frank and thanks to eBay, started a mad collection.  But as much as I love my online ordering, going to a Paul Frank store or even finding PF goods at Nordstrom or Newbury Comics was sheer bliss.  It’s always better to see stuff in person, right?  

SO, imagine my surprise when I walked into Target yesterday and saw this:

jk8JULIUS in TARGET!!    

Now I can just walk into my favorite store on earth and browse one of my favorite designers right here in my ‘hood.  It appears to be slowly rolling out.  The Target I was at yesterday only had things for little girls.  But it looks like more kids and infant stuff is rolling out as well as some jammies for me and some bags, umbrellas, bikes, and I’m sure more surprises. 

 And the best part?  It’s Target prices.  The $25 kids shirts are now $7.99.

I can hardly stand it.  If you need me, I think you know where I’ll be….


Oh, NYC you lucky little bitch September 16, 2008

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Y’all know how much I love my Target.  Like pretty much my favorite place on earth.  All of the stores are different and I’ve seen a million of them (and I’ve rocked them all!).  When we fly to Minnesota every summer, our first stop is Target.  Preferably some new one we haven’t been to in the Twin Cities region.  Then we hit them all on the way “up North”.   Monticello, Alexandria (a fav), and hit Fergus and Fargo while there.  When we travel, it’s a must.  (The Targets in San Fran were spectacular!)  And I remember hitting every single Target in Austin Texas with my now husband as part our our “courting” (clearly meant for each other, right??).  I love the two-story Target, the Super Target (pleeeeeze come to the East Coast!!!!) But now – wait for it ………





Dear, God.  I can hardly stand it.

Apparently there were four locations open for four days.  How do you spell T-E-A-S-E??

All these lucky, lucky bloggers made it there and have some great photos.  Check them out:



I no longer feel complete….